Label sippy cups with electrical tape

Charlene of Crazed Parent sez:

Here’s my hack for labeling sippy cups so you can find them at the park, playdates…i never thought of it as a problem until i posted something about a magazine article showing off high-end (read: overly pricey) labels.



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    Another thought is to cut a notch in the tape, a different shape for each kid. That way you can find the cup in the bag by feel. This works well for a variety of objects.

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    I buy a sheet of stickers and pop one on the bottom of the bottle and one on the side. They’re cheap and cute (this month, lady bugs). My little girl stays with another little boy 3 days a week and they both have the same Avent bottles. This way, the nanny can easily tell them apart when pulling them out of the fridge. Why the sticker on the bottom? That way when the kids have their bottles tipped up, the nanny can easily know if they have the right bottle in their mouth.

  3. shagan says

    Not to be a downer, but I would advice you not to use electrical tape for this purpose. Some (read: cheap) electrical tapes is made of PVC, and PVC contains lead (it softens the PVC). The lead has been known to come off on your hands when working with electrical tape (the state of California requires a warning on all rolls of electrical tape that include lead about washing your hands after using due to risk of cancer and birth defects). Exposure to lead at any level just seems like a bad idea. I like the idea of marking the sippy cups, I would just recommend you find something other than electrical tape to do it.

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    We use a label maker to label anything and everything baby related, including sippy cups. These stay on through many many dishwashing (we used to label the baby bottles with this). They aren’t a dirt cheap method, but I use it so often that it seems to make sense, plus it gives a high end look to otherwise cheapo items!

    Here’s one similar to ours (same brand, newer model i’m sure)

  5. Gray Strickland says

    Thanks, Shagan, for the warning about PVC and lead content in the some electrical tapes. I’ll start reading the labels.

    I’ve used electrical tape for this sort of thing for years. At good hardware stores, Lowes and Home Depot, you can find the tape in many colors, including white and yellow. I’ve found that if you cut the tape with scissors or knife so as to have clean edge, then apply while pulling slightly to tension it, it will stay on nearly forever. It also marks well with a Sharpie and stays marked through dozens of dishwashings.

    BTW… there is now a 600 Degree (temp) Sharpie available at good hardware stores, but only in black.

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    thanks for posting my hack!

    on the pvc/electrical tape issue, didn’t know about that though i’ve never seen a warning on the tape i buy (from home depot). i guess instead of wrapping it around sippy cup you could just add a strip to the bottom where hands won’t be touching it…

    gary – very cool on the sharpie. that could eliminate the tape issue altogether!!

  7. choppy says

    wow… funny people come up with similar solutions for common problems… i guess a room full of monkies *will* whip out Oliver Twist (eventually)…

    but i digress. i had the same concern about electrical tape, so i use contractors (blue) tape and a sharpy pen to label my son’s lunch things…

    this is particually useful to be verbose, so often i will remind the school that the boy can’t have the morning snack (which has eggs), but CAN have the afternoon snack –in two lines or less.


  8. Karina says

    So… Sharpies just rub off my Lock&Lock containers, electric tape has lead warning, nail polish is terrible to write with, and personally I don’t live in the States so can’t find either those Mabel labels I’ve seen reccomended somewhere else or a labeler… any other suggestions? (puhlease! Mornings are hectic enough without me having to rewrite the name of every container every single day when putting lunchboxes together for my 2 kids!!)

  9. Kim says

    Freezer tape is great for this. It leaves no residue; mark it with a Sharpie. You can transfer it multiple times from container to container. Also (obviously) will stay on in freezer and fridge! Each one lasts a LONG time; cheap and easy!