15 November 2006

Illustrator Bob Staake takes on Big Cereal with Freebies

Jaime pointed me to an interesting underdog project: the creation of an independent breakfast cereal. Bob Staake, illustrator of The Red Lemon, Hello, Robots! among other things, wants his new cereal, Freebies, to "harken back to the glory days of children's breakfast cereals when colorful and quirky characters were common in supermarket aisles -- and a cool toy could be found inside each box."

At first glance this seems like a silly project, but when I think about how much time I spent examining cereal boxes as a kid (and how cereal boxes are a major contributor toward my kid's ability to read), I think this is actually quite bold and worthwhile. From the website:

FREEBIES is a cereal that recognizes that today's kids and parents are smart -- and will respond to a healty product that entertains and teaches something of value in a small, yet goofy and entertaining, way.

Help Bob take on Big Cereal! Take 5-10 seconds to fill out his poll, and let him know you think Crunchy, Honey, Puffy, Frosty, Loopy and Flaky should give Snap, Crackle and Pop a run for their money.

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I couldn't find any information about the actual cereal - could you?

From what I can tell, the 'actual cereal' is still just a concept. He's trying to gather public interest to move his project forward. Can anyone better informed chime in on this?

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