24 November 2006

iCrib: iPod for babies

'Twinkle, Twinkle' is for babies! I want my Zeppelin!

Because it's now countdown to the Big Present Hullabaloo, and because it involves an iPod and babies, and because we can...we present you with the iCrib Sound System. It's an iPod speaker with a nightlight that attaches to the side of the crib. Because (and I quote from the manufacturer's website) "some kids are a little bit country, and others are a little bit of rock 'n roll."

Caron's husband found this via the Unofficial Apple Weblog, and Caron was nice enough to let me know.

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For kids that really want their Zeppelin, check out Baby Rock Records, who make lullaby versions of Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Tool, Nirvana, and others...


We sent our ICrib back because the sound was so bad. Instead, for about the same price, we got a good pair of computer speakers and use that with the Ipod in the babies room. The quality of sound is so much better.

We didn't use a crib, which got us looking at alternatives. Every toddler sleep music product is oriented around hanging off the edge of a crib.

It turns out a standard boom box does the trick. For $30 (MP3 CD capable) we got one that would play a CD one time through, or loop on a particular track (useful for our CD of ocean surf sounds).

Now that my baby is a toddler, we use the boom box in her playroom to dance to music.

Ditto Chris's comments above. The volume control also is really lame--impossible to play at very low levels. We will be sending it back.

Neat idea, and something I wished for back when my son was born. Sounds like poor concept-execution though.

What I really want is some sort of way my toddler can carry an iPod or similar hard drive or Flash player with him. I've seen a case for iPods that features big foam handles, but it still uses earbuds.

We will have to sell those on our website.http://www.brandeedanielle.com

How about Duran Duran?

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