I wasn’t kidding about “collaborative” in the tagline

Elizabeth, R-Bro and I need one more stanza (but will happily accept any number) for the ditty we’re writing, inspired by Kara’s comment that the list of candy disposal ideas made her think of Paul Simon’s “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover.” I’ve got a closer and I’m dying to use it.

Next, I will lead us all in a rousing Chicken Dance. After which, we can sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in a round.

You never know what’s gonna happen in the comments around here.


  1. Marnie says

    Trash the Kit Kats, Matt

    Pitch the Smarties, Marti

    (And because I cannot resist)

    Bomb the Twix, Blix

  2. says

    Lose the Laffy Taffy, Cathy

    Roll out the Root Beer Barrel, Daryl

    Shuck the candy corn, Lorne

    Drop the SweetTarts, Art

  3. Marcus says

    You don’t need that Almond Joy, Roy
    Flush the Pixie Stick, Rick
    Microwave that Peep, Phillipe
    Feed the Hersey’s to the cat, Pat