How to roll over while sleeping with a body pillow? Talk amongst yourselves.

SnoogleHeather (one of the Rookie Moms) is wrestling with her body pillow:

I recently bought a fancy Snoogle body pillow (it came without a pillowcase — grrrr) to help with my burgeoning pregnant figure.  It’s great to curl up to, and I appreciate the diagram of the different positions.  But how the heck does a (large-bellied) woman roll over while connected to one of these?  I feel like I need a crane.

Speaking for myself, at a certain point during my pregnancies I needed a crane to do just about anything. Rolling over in bed became almost impossible (ask my husband).

Can anyone offer Heather more helpful advice than I can?



  1. says

    I used two body pillows (each about 4 feet long). I put one on each side of me. When rolling over, I reached a hand over my head and held onto the railing of the headboard and then slowly rolled over while grunting the whole time. Then, once re-positioned, I took a deep breath and hoped that I didn’t have to do that again for at least half an hour.

  2. says

    I just use a regular pillow between the knees…and groan and grunt my way through the night. Two more weeks, dear heavens, please let it end!

  3. says

    You’ve got two options: you can turn over by yourself, leaving the pillow in place, or you can grab it and turn it with you.

    The nice thing about the Snoogle is the shape – it provides support in similar (though slightly different) places either way you use it.

    I use the arm I’m lying on for leverage, and then fling myself over. You can also sit up and then turn, but I find that to be more distracting if I’m trying to not wake up completely.

  4. Jill says

    I’m not of too much help. I sat up in bed (required swinging the legs over the side for leverage) moved the pillow and collapsed back down. It was decidedly unglamorous (as is most of the end of pregnancy).

  5. says

    I ended up rolling without it and repositioning….and tossed the Snoogle out after a few hours every night.

    For non-pillow rolling over, I often had to leverage myself on the little ‘mattress carrying handle’ on the side of the mattress. Lovely, I’m sure, but quite effective.

  6. Christina says

    To roll over while enormously pregnant I bought a pair of size XXL satin pajamas and a whole new world of comfort and ease opened up for me. If I had to do it again I might even add satin sheets! Good luck!

  7. says

    I used one one either side, so no matter which way I rolled, it was already there. of course, it meant poor Misterpie was hanging onto the edge of the bed with his nails.

  8. 44now says

    We have a brass bed which is sort of shaped like a fence gate. I used to grab the posts and then fling my legs over. Hilarious, yet effective :-)

  9. Jenny says

    I’m just pleased to see that this is a common problem… makes me feel like a little bit less of a whale (now, if perfect strangers would stop asking me if I’m having twins- I’m NOT and my belly is AVERAGE, thank you, I might feel even better…)

  10. Redpanda says

    I actually had the same problem, and after enough nights of what seemed like incessant grunting and awkward turning, I gave in and bought an enormous horseshoe-shaped body pillow. Thus, it’s the same on both sides and I don’t have to rearrange nearly as much.

    Not that’s it’s comfortable bliss by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s better. :)