Holiday craft ideas for kids?

My buddy Sarah at urbanMamas is soliciting peoples’ favorite holiday craft ideas. There are already some nice suggestions in the comments on that post, including a pointer to one of my favorite sites, Kiddley. I also recently posted about Kids Craft Weekly as a source of good ideas. If you have any favorite crafts or sites to share, head on over to urbanMamas and leave a comment.

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    how about an ornament made of your child’s handprint in plaster of paris? paint the handprint white, and the “background” plaster blue. when the blue dries, paint a bunch of tiny white snowflakes in the background (or use stickers), making your child’s hand the biggest, most original snowflake of them all!

    remember to poke a hole at the top of the ornament with a pencil or nail in the plaster before it dries, to string the yarn to hang your ornament.