Hand wipes as dashboard cleaners

AJ of Thingamababy on the ever-handy wipe:

Here’s a tip I wish I realized a year ago. I’m big on using handy wipes or hand sanitizer in the car when food is involved. After a wipe is used by a toddler, it’s still plenty damp. If your child’s hands were pretty clean to begin with, use the same wipe on the dashboard and other smooth surfaces to pick up dust. Yeah, that’s right, I’m admitting I don’t clean my car very often.

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  1. says

    I do something similar with the disposable “towelettes” I use to remove makeup/wash my face at night. After I’m done, I use the flip side to wipe out the sink or anything else in the bathroom that could use a once-over. It makes me feel a teensy bit less guilty about the environmental no-no of the “use-and-toss.”

  2. Jill says

    I’m sure our cars carry a lot of germs- we wash everything else frequently, so why not there. Cleaning the steering wheel, door handles and other frequently touched parts of the car occasionally probably could prevent a lot of colds. I use wet wipes for all sorts of things and will surely have them around long after my kids have grown.

  3. Adrian says

    Crass, Mitch McDad? Maybe not crass, but not all that great for your septic system… That could be a little trick that might “come back to haunt you”…