Good kid music: “Ablum” by Duplex

Kelly wrote to me singing the praises of the CD "Ablum" by Duplex. Here’s her review:

We first saw Duplex at Vancouver (BC)’s Word on the Street bandstand, and they were the most fun we’d seen or heard in a long time. This is parents and kids singing and playing together, and it’s musical, hilarious, and appeals to everyone… call it garage punk kiddie rock with a layer of Veda Hille’s angular style? We’re currently singing "eat your salad" and "you’re the best little boy in the world" all the time! and if the name "Ablum" doesn’t crack you up… well, it sure cracked me up! enjoy.

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  1. Anthony says

    I know PH get’s referal bonuses from Amazon, but you can also get this digitally from Zunior:

    link to

    Zunior is the best Canadian online digital distributor for independant artists. I’ve used them before and have been quite happy with the service and the prices! (This ablum is available for $8.88 CDN)


  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Anthony: thanks for mentioning this. PH is indeed an Amazon Associate, but I would hope that readers would always comment if they know of a better or cheaper alternative for products mentioned here.

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