Duct tape makes socks non-slip

How do I love thee (duct tape)? Let me count the ways…

From Dot: Add this to the uses for duct tape… with the weather getting colder, I was concerned that my baby’s little toes would be cold as he padded around the house yesterday.  So I made his socks non-slip with Duct Tape!  I wrote it up here.

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  1. ashlee says

    I also found it useful (and cheaper) to buy fabric paint and decorate the bottom of my daughters socks. Having only hardwood in our house it was always slippery and the paint gives just enough resistance to prevent slips. Plus you can personalize them and make them fun.

  2. Sandy says

    What I did was buy some puffy fabric paint pens and I drew fun designs on the bottoms of the socks. Non-slip *and* cute!

  3. Anonymous says

    I didn’t have any problems with the sticky-ness of the duct tape, it came right off. Yeah, it’s probably better to permanently decorate them with paint, but this was a quick fix with no puffy paint in the house :)