Compressed air cleans highchair crevices

Aimee’s solution for high-chair gunk:

I had been trying for months to clean crumbs out of the hard-to-reach crevices of my one-year-old son’s highchair.  It’s amazing what can build up when you’ve got a messy eater on your hands!  I was finally able to say farewell to those crumbs in minutes with Dust-off – a cleaner typically sold for computers that blasts air into hard-to-reach spots (great for cleaning bread crumbs from someone who eats lunch while on their computer too…).  Hooray for Dust-off!

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  1. caitlin says

    Hot tip that my mom gave me: take the highchair into the shower with you. You both have an opportunity to clean up.

  2. says

    Also a vacuum attachment for crevices can get into the niches for dried stuff and if you really need to clean it, take it outside and use a high-pressure nozzle on your hose to spray that gunk into oblivion ;). So glad we are past the high chair!!

  3. Jill says

    I always thought about taking it outside and leaving it on an ant hill. I never tested the idea, but if someone else wants to they can take credit for the hack.

  4. Maggie says

    Be careful to keep the Dust Off in a secure, locked location. Kids, particularly those ages 9-12, have been known to ingest the product in an effort to get high, with fatal consequences.

  5. says

    What a great idea, I’ll soon be using this technique to get the Cheerios and Teddy Graham parts out of the car seat crevices (where the vacuum can’t reach).

    Thanks for the great hack. I was thinking I would have to let loose my friend’s Jack Russel terrier in my car to get the food out without removing the seat entirely.

  6. Sonya says

    Hey, the hack is brilliant and I will definitely use it, but I concur with Maggie – watching someone in a Dust Off induced seizure was a low point of my high school career.

    But with small children, the problem is that they are completely fascinated by the fact that the can gets cold, and the air comes out so fast. They will blast air into their own noses and ears if they get hold of the cans, so remember to put it with the bleach and the rat poison instead of the office supplies.

  7. says

    My husband had the compressed air out this weekend to clean out the crusty bits from our LeapStart Learning Table… we need to tackle the highchair next, but I’m very afraid!

  8. fellowmom says

    That’s a great idea, and it also sounds like a fun way to clean. Harnessing the power of compressed air to banish toddler crud from various pieces of equipment? Woo! (I am easily amused these days.)

  9. a human says

    I’ve taken the highchair outside and blasted it with the air compressor. Very powerful and less of a hazard with the cans.

  10. says

    For real gunk, I’ve read this one: wrap a wet wipe around a toothpick and run it along the cracks. It’s narrow enough to really get in there, and the wet wipe’s cleaning solution helps dissolve grime.