Color your own wallpaper

Color-in wallpaperFrom Mami Delux:

I found this really cool wallpaper you might feel like sharing with your readers. My mother used to cover the bottom end of the walls with drawing paper and have us draw all over, but I guess this is a more permanent solution and it definitely takes longer to fill!

(Here’s Mami Delux’s post — with a picture of a little girl actually coloring in the wallpaper…veeeery neatly.)

I think the idea is interesting and the wallpaper certainly is beautiful, but in practice? DISASTER. What kid stays in the lines like that? What kid would stop coloring at the edge of the paper?

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  1. says

    ..some kids actually enjoy coloring inside the lines… but that is besides the point, at least besides the point I was trying to make….I thought and still think it is an interesting idea… I am all up for legalizing wall painting!! Most kids love to paint and if they get to do it in a space where they can enjoy looking at the results, the better!! Who cares if it is neat and tidy and inside the lines??

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Mami Delux: I didn’t mean to obscure your point. You’re right of course, and I admire that you’re more open to artistic expression than I am. It just so happens my seven year-old son (who should know better) just covered the back of his door with a large drawing of a robot-thingie. In ink. I wish I could be more zen about it, but today I’m just irritated. Sigh.

  3. kelly says

    I think I would have wept as a child because I didn’t do it perfectly enough — which perhaps means I needed this product to help me work through that particular issue?? rather than waiting till my 30s… ;)