Holiday craft ideas for kids?

My buddy Sarah at urbanMamas is soliciting peoples’ favorite holiday craft ideas. There are already some nice suggestions in the comments on that post, including a pointer to one of my favorite sites, Kiddley. I also recently posted about Kids Craft Weekly as a source of good ideas. If you have any favorite crafts or […]

Baby Toolkit: Geek parents write about baby gear

Adrienne and Jim — the geek parents behind Baby Toolkit — are frequent commenters on Parent Hacks. If you haven’t yet dropped by their site, do!…you’ll find good hacks and practical ideas, such as how to babyproof a bannister without breaking the bank. Tags: Baby gear, Babyproofing, Parenting

Refilling bulk spices

I always buy my spices from the bulk containers at my favorite grocery store. Problem is, I squander much of the money I save by overshooting my spice jars as I try to refill them — a decent percentage of the stuff ends up spilling on the counter. I finally got smart and snipped the […]

Tabblo: Digital photo sharing artistry


Liesel of Tabblo has been in touch to share the finer points of their incredible photo montage and sharing service. Have you seen it? Wonderful, easy artistry possible with digital photos. She even shared her hack: I took pictures of my son’s kindergarten Halloween party as did some other parents. I created an “event” tabblo […]

Carry mini-Yellow Pages in your car to save on 411 cell phone calls

Melinna’s hack falls into the “Duhhhhh” category, as in, “Duhhhh. Why didn’t I think of this myself?” To save myself the $1+ per 411 directory assistance call I make from the car, I’ve started carrying around the small version of the Yellow Pages from my city. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up too […]

New Captain Bogg and Salty video


As you may already know, we’re big fans of the Portland pirate band Captain Bogg and Salty. In fact, we love them so much, we’ve mentioned them here three separate times. I was fortunate enough to meet Captain Bogg this summer at the Portland Pirate Festival, and I found him to be a charming pirate […]

Transmit bedtime iPod music with the hotel’s clock radio

Heather’s get-the-baby-to-sleep-while-away hack: We recently took a weekend road trip with our 20 month-old son. His normal bedtime routine includes a bath, books, and some quiet classical music in the background. To make sure the routine was followed as well as possible, I loaded a few of his favorite CDs on our iPod and packed […]

Ann Douglas now on WebMD

In the ongoing Ann Douglas lovefest, I must point out that, in addition to her excellent books and blog, Ann is now a contributor to WebMD. She describes her new blog, Pregnant Pause, as "a motley mix of noteworthy pregnancy news, tips and pregnancy wisdom seen through the eyes of a mother who also happens […]