We have three winners!

Congratulations to Carolina, Ashley and Megin, winners of Go, Diego Go! Wolf Pup Rescue DVDs! Thanks for playing along with my silly trivia contest. For the record, the working name for this site before my brother in-law Robin came up with "Parent Hacks" was "Hacking Baby." (The answer was here.) A terrible name which somehow seemed like a good idea at the time. Thank God Robin made those gagging noises when we told him our idea.

ps. SpikeyMP (extremely funny commenter on several blogs who happens to be a friend of mine) sent in this guess and gave me permission to share it with you:

Hmm. Good grief I'm such a sucker for a competition. What is Hack The Baby? or babyhacks? or something like that? mouli the bambino? cuisinart the rugrats? dice the descendants? off the offspring? okay, done now, I promise.