Washable markers as face paint

Cathy’s a braver mom than me:

I see you’ve got a hack about washable markers acting as nail polish, but they make great face and body paint as well. Our 3-year-old daughter goes through these phases where she wants to be a certain animal for a few days at a time. We draw a face on her (or even better—she draws it on herself), and it comes right off in the tub. Sometimes she goes completely Burning Man on us and draws all over her entire body. It’s fun and creative for her, and fairly harmless. Word of warning: it comes right off on bedding too, so wash it off before you put them down for sleep. We also won’t let her on the couch when she’s gone into body painting mode.

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  1. Jill says

    There’s a great kid book about a girl who does this, with some funny complications. It is called _Purple, Green and Yellow_ by Robert Munsch.

    I’ll consider markers for my Halloween lion, but old fashioned face paints seem more reliable, if messier. Seems like kids will get the idea that they can color on themselves and not get the idea that only special washable markers can be used. (as per the book I mentioned.) Maybe we’ll test it out and read the book as the lesson.

  2. Sandy says

    I second Jill. They do face painting often at my kid’s day care. And I see him use a pen or marker almost everyday, and start drawing on himself, his shirt, face, arms and legs. Sometimes, it gets a bit much, especially when he visits us at work and starts drawing on himself. I keep the wet wipes handy and most times, helps with wipe-off–or we have to wait out the 3-4 days for the permanent markers to wear off.

  3. says

    I agree, it sends the wrong message. However, there are ‘special’ times when the kids are allowed to be drawn on like carnivals. I have worked several festivals and carnivals so this is a great idea for that. Fine line details are tough on a squirmy child so the markers will definitely help! And as a face painter, I always remind the kiddos that it’s a ‘special’ event and not an everyday thing.