Tastingmenu.com on combining toddlers and restaurants

From James:

Here's an awesome post from Tastingmenu.com on how to eat out at decent restaurants — and bring your toddlers. As a parent of an 11-month-old, I'm looking forward to putting these ideas in action (and I'm hoping they work).

Eating out with kids — another favorite topic at Parent Hacks.



  1. flynn says

    The article suggested thinking about what to order on the way to the restaurant. I would go one step further. If the restaurant has a menu online, read it and make your choices. Write them down if possible so you don’t forget. This can backfire, as online menus are often out of date, but it can save a lot of fumbling if you’re in a place for the first time. Another option is picking up a copy of the menu and reading it at home at your leisure.

  2. nori hadley says

    A great article. As both a parent AND a waitress, I appreciate any and all suggestions for successful restaurant experiences with kids. I would make one other comment: If/when that invisible timer DOES go off, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. No one wants to listen to a child screaming (I know, I know, not even said child’s parents). Too bad. When you brought that little person into the world, you also agreed to listen to him/her yell. So get him/her out of the restaurant so others can enjoy their meal.