Send teacher notes to school in junk mail envelopes

My son's first grade teacher suggested that we send notes to her in envelopes — they're more likely to make it onto her desk, and less likely to end up in a dirty wad at the bottom of the backpack. "Don't waste new envelopes," she said. "Just reuse old junk mail envelopes — scratch out the address and write my name on the front."

I knew there was a reason I liked her right away.

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  1. Steph says

    Yes yes yes! And put money in those also! I had 3 students today with bookfair money (I teach Pre-K), and 2 had the cash loose in the folder! Recipe for disaster!

  2. Jill says

    My kids “mail” all those envelopes. Every time I open the drawer of my endtable in our den I find more “mail”.

    If you want free envelopes, hit up a card shop just after a holiday. They take the cards but throw out the envelopes. I got a whole shoe box full of colored envelopes from Target one day. I suggest Easter for the best selection of colors :)

  3. RJ says

    For notes:
    Our kids school is tech-ed up such that all notes/communications etc are sent via the email. Each of the teachers have internet-connected laptop with them and they tend to reply during break time. Very efficient.

    For ‘stuff':
    Junk mail envelopes are ideal.

    [Another way of getting rid of the junk mail envelopes is to put all the junk received in the ‘postage paid business reply envelope’ and mail it! The sender company has to pay for all such envelopes that are used!!]