Self-adhesive DOT-It LED light as Halloween headlamp

DotitBarb, author of Great Family Gadgets, suggested this Halloween safety tip:

I just came up with (what I think is) a great Halloween hack: Use Sylvania DOT-it lights as headlamps for the kids – stronger light than a flashlight and the LEDs don't get hot. The MSR is $9.99, but they're cheaper at Amazon. And the light can be used in or around the home later because it can be "stuck" elsewhere.

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    I know the post was cutting it close for Halloween, but check out your local drugstore. Maybe they’ve got it cheaper or on sale.

    And remember, they’re great little gadgets all year ’round!

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    My son was a garbage man last year — and I made the whole true-to-life garbage truck out of carboard boxes.

    One of the things I did that people loved was affixed those lights on the front of the truck as headlights (and I had flashing red lights for the tail lights). It added a great realism, and also provided a huge safety addition (he could see and BE SEEN).