Random objects stand in for a crib mobile

Hanging-Stuff-For-BabiesKris came up with a novel alternative to a crib mobile:

I didn't want a traditional crib mobile for our son because they seemed so tacky, gaudy and loud. We had decorated his room in a very soothing, natural manner and I wanted something in keeping with that theme. So instead I decided to hang different objects at various lengths with fishing wire above his crib. As he's gotten older, we've adjusted the lengths so he can't reach them to pull them down and have suspended new objects to keep his interest. We've used everything from Japanese lanterns to balls of twine, wind chimes, Christmas ornaments, and even a slinky. The choices are only as limited as your imagination. Just be sure if the object is heavy to use the appropriate hook designed to hold the weight from your local hardware store.

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  1. CJ says

    I love this. My daughter was born in the fall, and we hung leaves from varying heights over her crib. Now she’s 3, and as we were playing in the leaves the other day, she asked if we could hang some in her room. I’m sure it’s not a conscious memory, but I loved that she thought of it!