Ping pong ball as potty training prop

From Paul:

A family friend’s son resisted potty training, so she put a ping-pong ball in the toilet bowl and had him aim at it. Aiming at the ball helped the little fella keep his concentration. Neat hey?

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  1. Christy says

    I’ve heard of using cheerios for the same thing and then you don’t have to fish a urine-covered ball out of the toilet – you just flush ‘em.

  2. says

    Yeah … What Christy wrote is immediately what I thought … all well and good until someone has to fish that sucker out. Cheerio’s seem better.

  3. hedra says

    Also the paper dots from the hole punch (if anyone uses a hole punch anymore…). Just two or three, don’t want to empty the whole thing in there. (You can buy floating targets, as well, more ‘flushable’ material. Or do what one urinal company did – put a waterproof decal/image of a fly on the bottom of the urinal – apparently it improves the aim when there’s something to aim at, even for adults! LOL!)

  4. sam says

    A square of toilet paper maybe “old school” but the effect is the same and the supply is always present. If you call it a “ship”, and follow that with “sink the ship”, I believe you’ll find that accuracy is dramatically improved, the mess is minimal and the satisfaction of a “sunken ship” keeps the little guy coming back again and again. Its not as elaborate as the other methods but its work for 3 generations of boys in my family.

  5. Doug says

    Fruit Loops are more fun because they’re so colorful and, as mentioned, you don’t have to fish them out.

  6. says

    How about this quotation from Thoreau for this political age we live in “The effect of a good government is to make life more valuable; of a bad one, to make it less valuable. ”