Pill pockets make medication palatable to cats

Okay, so you'll either think this is cool, or you'll think I'm a creepy dork who spends her limited free time checking out products her readers buy at Amazon. But, come on, if you saw Pill Pockets for Cats Chicken 45ct in your Amazon Associates product referral list, you'd have to investigate too.

With that suspicious intro, let me tell you a little something about Pill Pockets. These cat nummies have a tiny hole for stashing a pill so, come medication time, you don't have to throttle your cat and then ram a pill down its throat.

Pretty good hack. Eh? Eh?

Perhaps I'm stretching it a bit. As you were. But to the person who bought the Pill Pockets during an Amazon click-through from Parent Hacks? Thank you.

By the way, there is absolutely NO identifying information in my Amazon Associates reports — just a list of products that get purchased on a given day. So I have no idea which one of you bought Microbrewed Adventures: A Lupulin Filled Journey to the Heart and Flavor of the World's Great Craft Beers.

If you're not sure what "Amazon Associates" is, it's a referral program for sites that list Amazon products. Here's more info.

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  1. AnnMarie Johnson says

    I have to agree this sounds like a great product. I smush my cats 3 pills into a treat, and most of the time, it takes 2 or 3 treats to get her to actually eat the pills with the treat. The treat also crumbles up making a mess. A treat with a preformed hole would work wonderfully!

  2. MamaDuck says

    ROTFL!! Well, if I could use it on the little guy…. I’ve had some odd purchases come through my amazon referrals too, who knows?!

  3. Allen Knutson says

    These pill pockets are incredibly great. They make the process soooo easy.

    I have no idea why this is on Parent Hacks.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    As I said, Allen, I was stretching the limits of my editorial license here. I DO NOT endorse the use of Pill Pockets for Cats Chicken 45ct on your children. (The Salmon flavor, maybe.)

    Actually, I just thought it was funny. I was also thinking about how many parents must also take care of pets, and that simplying anything associated with that task would be helpful.

    No, I’m not going to branch into Pet Hacks (ew).

  5. J.D. says

    I’ll believe it when I see it!

    We can’t get our cats to take medicine for anything. We have this long plastic gadget with a claw on one end. We put cat pills in the claw, ram it down the cat’s throat, release the pill, and clamp the cat’s mouth shut. No fun for anyone involved.

    We’ll try these next time…