25 October 2006

Personalized playing cards? Talk amongst yourselves.

Amy wants to know:

I read somewhere recently about making your own playing cards -- someone had a template where you could insert your own pictures for the face cards, etc.  Thought it would make a great family present.  Now I can't find it anywhere!  If you could help me find a template to make playing cards I would be forever grateful!

This sounded like one of fd's flickr toys, but I was wrong -- he came up with templates for personalized trading cards. Can anyone point Amy in the right direction?



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I came across this site, but haven't ever heard anything about them: http://www.yourplayingcards.com

Snapfish and Shutterfly both have them--there are probably others out there as well.

I've seen them at www.kodakgallery.com

I've ordered MANY decks from kodakgallery.com and they look GREAT (assuming your starting photo is high-enough resolution).

Surprised Heather didn't pipe up. She's working for kodakgallery.com! They have em.

What you all are posting isn't what she's asking for..."your own pictures for the face cards" isn't what these places do...

There are a couple that do the face side (where the numbers go), but this one seems to be what you're looking for.

Hope that helps.

Sorry, I posed the wrong link, although the Etsy one is interesting. This one: http://www.photoplayingcards.com/ will allow you to do a custom face to the card as well as the back.

www.snapfish.com makes these. Here is the exact link

I have not seen these in person, but I have used snapfish for other gifts and I have always been pleased.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for the ideas. The key for me is wanting the picture on the playing side of the cards, not just the back, and I was hoping to be able to make them myself (ie., build them, print them on card-stock, laminate). It looks like the Microsoft program will do it, but unfortunately the free trial version does not have that feature.

Thanks again to all who responded!


Along very similar lines, does anyone know of a reasonably price site that will print playing-card-sized cards that are completely customized? I have an idea for a flashcard project that would be incredibly helpful. I know I could print & laminate them myself but my printer died recently (I've been too cheap to replace it thusfar) and I'd prefer to have something a bit more professional-looking.

Heritage Makers cards are stunning!


Yes it's possible that someone had a template where you could insert your own pictures for the face cards.

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