Cheap window gels keep the car seat-bound entertained

From the Instant Hausfrau! So, after benefiting so much from the collective parenting wisdom that is Parent Hacks, I'm so excited to finally have something to contribute!  I mean, I came up with this, and it didn't hackfire!  It's working!  (Now that I'm sending it your way, I'm sure the magic will be gone.  Especially […]

Bake your own energy bars

TrailBlaze Homemade Energy Bar Mix

It's not often that a hack comes out of getting to know a Parent Hacks advertiser, but that's exactly what happened here. A small button ad from Matisse and Jack's, makers of TrailBlaze Homemade Energy Bar mix, came through recently, and it piqued my interest. Energy bars I could bake myself? I've been known to […]

Personalized playing cards? Talk amongst yourselves.

Amy wants to know: I read somewhere recently about making your own playing cards — someone had a template where you could insert your own pictures for the face cards, etc.  Thought it would make a great family present.  Now I can't find it anywhere!  If you could help me find a template to make […]

MeFi on fatherhood

Rebel Dad comments on two Ask MetaFilter threads on fatherhood: one practical, one poignant (and practical). An aside: consider subscribing to the RSS feed for MeFi posts tagged as "kids" or "parenting" (or other topics you're interested in). I'm late to the MeFi game…can't believe I didn't do this before.

Geocaching: treasure hunting with your GPS


Jay, of The Zero Boss and Parents Behaving Badly, passed along this Silicon Valley Moms Blog post about geocaching…basically GPS-powered treasure hunting. I've never done it myself, but I've known people who've become absolutely addicted, both at home and while on vacation. Nice way for you and your kids to take advantage of the crisp […]