No Halloween costume yet? Swap!

I'd bet there's a fair percentage of us who are still scrambling for Halloween costumes. Here's Jill's solution:

If you don't want to spend much and don't have time or creativity to make a costume, consider staging a costume swap with friends who have kids. Bring a pile of dress ups and used costumes and swap them around. We got a pair of matching dinosaurs last year and I'm passing them on for something else this year. I keep some around for dress ups year-round.

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  1. Chris says

    I am a notorious last minute costume maker. My wife and I found this wonderful rigid felt at our local craft store. It comes in 12×24 inch sheets and will hold a shape. A little glue, and a few safety pins and we have a flower hat for dad and dragonfly wings for mom (Bee jumper from target for $12). This stuff was great, cuts with scissors, holds it shape even at right angles.