Uses for anti-theft wire ties

Michael G. has a different take on those infernal anti-theft wire ties that keep toys attached to the packaging. These ideas were so hack-worthy I promoted them from the comments:

Those wires are better off intact and out of the box.

  • Use them to tie water bottles to a diaper bag.
  • Bend them into shapes for the kids to play with.
  • Need to keep wires in a neat package? Wire tie them.

Besides, if you leave them in the box, it is harder to recycle the box and could ruin a batch of cardboard at the plant.

Take the time to remove them and you will teach your kids patience while they wait for the toy.



  1. MamaDuck says

    Also great for tying up window shade cords and small electrical cords (like the skinny ones from phone chargers and such that are too little for regular cord ties). I think I’ve even used them to keep spaghetti in serving-size bits after picking it up off the floor for the 50th time ;).

  2. Loraine says

    I use wire cutters to cut them and then it’s easier to pull them out of the box. I think people are more likely to pull the wires completely out of the box by using something to cut them. Otherwise, the wires are too difficult to pull through – sometimes I can’t even do it. Then, it’s too tempting to just wrestle the wire free on one end, get the toy out and dump the box, wire, et al, into the trash.

  3. Michael G says

    Thanks for the bump to the front page.

    I enjoy this site, and I am very happy to help contribute to it’s greatness.

  4. Melissa C says

    I just got home with a fresh batch of toys for Baby Girl and just KNEW there was something here for those twist ties.
    Thanks for the tips, especially since she’s small enough to be occupied with the socks I just bought, too, instead of fretting over when I was going to get the toy out of its prison :)