17 October 2006

MothersClick: new networking site for parents

My blog is syndicated on MothersClick!

Launched today: MothersClick, a new site for sharing ideas, creating private discussion groups, and generally hanging out together online. Cool Mom Picks has already done such a good job describing MothersClick I'll send you there for the lowdown.

Founder Andra Davidson got in touch a while back to introduce herself and ask if MothersClick could syndicate Parent Hacks as part of its service. Yes, yes, yes! I was thrilled she asked, and am happy to throw our hacks into the collective pot.

I have yet to delve deeper into the service, but as soon as I do I'll report back here.

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Huh, MothersClick is for parents? How about if we call it ParentsClick then?

Seriously, if we want fathers to get more involved maybe we should start including them in the names of our magazines, articles, commercials, etc.

Kudos to Parent Hacks for doing so.

Spot on Nathan. More like, MothersClique. I echo the kudos to Asha and parenthacks for being inclusive from day one.

Both commenters are right. It should be more like ParentsClick. At least once every week I get a notice or read a post from one of my favorite parent websites to join some website. And yes, normally it's geared towards moms. My husband is very involved in our childrens' lives and I know he'd love to see more mom and dad membership based sites.

Thanks all for the kudos. The mom-and-dad participation at Parent Hacks is one of the things I'm most proud of about this site. But I also recognize the value of spaces just for moms and just for dads. Admittedly, most parenting websites are heavily slanted toward mothers, which is unfortunate.

In fact, once MothersClick is established, FathersClick is not far behind. That still doesn't address the need for shared parenting spaces (after all, shared parenting reflects so many of our lives). But it's a step in the right direction.

Thanks Asha for the recognition. It's our honor to be partnered with parent hacks, and many moms will appreciate reading your daily musings and reviews via MothersClick.

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