More than you ever wanted to know about how to tie shoes

From Kip:

Here's the most interesting shoelace site I've found:


(I don't really know how much competition there is, but he seems to have given the matter a good deal of thought, anyway, and has some novel methods that look better than, for instance, the classic double knot I've used for years — / is the secure knot that can actually be untied afterward.)

ps: Yesterday my 4-year-old daughter had the idea of putting a sign on the dishwasher so we'd know when the dishes were dirty. She took magnetic letters from her set on the fridge and, with some spelling help, put "D I R T Y" on the dishwasher. That's our girl! (She also put two Ws on there — a W and an upside-down M. That's our girl too.)

[What a smart little girl, and a great argument for keeping those magnetic letters around! I threw ours away after one bruised instep too many. But I digress. — Ed.]



  1. Gray says

    I made up this song to help my kids learn to tie their shoes:

    (pull the laces out)

    (cross the laces in a “x”

    THIS LITTLE DOG, HE DIVES UNDER (one of the laces is pulled under the other of the “x” to complete the first step of the knot)

    (make a loop with one of the laces — it looks a litle like a tree)

    (use the other lace to circle around the base of “the tree”)

    (poke your new loop through)


    It may not be clear from this description, but sing the words as you tie your shoes and it’ll be obvious.

    BTW… Fieggen’s “secure knot” is the old marathoner’s knot. I teach it to all my kids’ teachers, because it stays tied all day — or for 26.2 miles — but can still be untied by pulling one lace. It’s the only knot I use.

  2. Polina says

    All of our my daughter’s shoes are with stickers or zippers, not laces… the “dirty” part interested me more than a shoe lacing. I can’t make my little one interested in learning letters, every time she starts very enthusiastic and in 10 minutes she rushes away… she can’t sit still for any longer:( any tips?