05 October 2006

Making kid-friendly restaurant straws

In the "duh, why didn't I think of that?" category. Thanks, Mike!

When we go out with our toddler (which is frequently) we often get milk in a paper cup with a straw.  If the restaurant doesn't have bendy straws it's usually too long to drink from keeping the cup safely on the table, or even in his hands. 

Luckily, my wife and I both usually carry pocket tools with foldable scissors (a Mini Leatherman for me, a small Swiss Army knife for my wife) and we can easily cut a section of the straw off to make it fit. It also may be best to put the cut end in the cup if you weren't able to get the cut smooth.  Then the kid can take care of himself!

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You can also just put a crimp in a normal straw and turn it into a bendy straw.

Just cut the straw with the table knife. If it's dull and the cut is ragged, put that end inside the cup.

We've been known to use nail clippers to snip the straw since I usually have a pair in my purse anyway. I second the comment on putting the ragged end down in the cup.

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