How to turn a ceiling-hung mobile into a crib mobile?

MobileNicole, who’s Much More Than a Mom, would like to appeal to the collective wisdom regarding the hanging of her new mobile:

I’m not a mobile person. (That sounds funny. I’m quite mobile actually. I even run on a regular basis. I’m just not a mobile person. They always seem so noisy – and maybe a little tacky.)

A few weeks ago, though, I found a solution. I ordered this mobile as recommended by the ever-awesome Cool Mom Picks. I didn’t order any cards (I was hoping to win them from CMP, but didn’t) because I plan to use my own flash cards. Being a grade one teacher, I have an unending supply – alphabet, animals, sign language… I’m totally excited to get it hung, but I’m not looking forward to putting a hook in the ceiling for it.

Does anyone know of a hack to hang it from the side of the crib like a ‘real’ mobile?

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  1. Jill says

    ‘fraid I don’t, but you’ll be able to keep it up much longer if you ceiling mount it. As soon as baby gets vertical they suggest removing mobiles anyway. At that point I ceiling mounted mine so I could keep it around for the whole crib-using time. The hook for my older son now has a lightweight globe hanging from it- still in use.

  2. says

    The thing is, a mobile hung from the side of a crib is a *crib mobile.* What you’ve got there is a real mobile.

    You might be able to modify a crib mobile to hang your real mobile, but it might well hang too low. You’re better off using a ceiling hook, or else a wall-mounted one, the sort of thing you’d hang a plant from. That’s what I’ve got hanging chimes near my son’s crib.

  3. Christy says

    I agree that you should just hang it from the ceiling, but if you are just dying to hang it from the crib you could go to the garden store and get one of those hooks people use to suspend hanging baskets off the side of their house or deck.

  4. says

    When I and my brother (and the kids I baby-sat) were little, mobiles only hung from the ceiling, never the crib. When my daughter was born, I went on a fruitless search for a mobile to hang from the ceiling. I decided it was okay to adjust my expectations. :-) But, as Jill just mentioned, I didn’t get to use the crib mobile for long, because they’re considered unsafe once the baby can stand.

  5. Stephanie says

    I had the same issue and used a hanging basket wall mount that I found at a hardware/garden store. It really goes with the garden theme in my little girls’ room.

  6. Maggie says

    I recent found a big clip that clips onto the side of the crib and it allows you to hand a mobile from that. It was about 10 bucks at a local baby store…USA Baby & Kids.