08 October 2006

How to process new clothing purchases

One of my least favorite aspects of back-to-school clothes shopping (any clothes shopping for that matter) is removing the tags, stickers, and other plastic thingamabobs from the clothes once I get them home. I'm always left scrabbling on the floor, trying to pick up stray bits.

My new method turns all the label detritus into a single, easy-to-toss package. Here it is:

  1. Put the shopping bags on the bed.
  2. Grab a pair of scissors (I can't tell you how many holes I've put in shirts trying to yank out the plastic tags).
  3. Pull the size sticker from the first article of clothing, and lay it, sticky-side up, on the bed.
  4. Cut the tag off the first article clothing, and stick it (along with both sides of the plastic tag holder) onto the size sticker.
  5. Repeat till you're done. All the tags will be stuck to the sticker, which you can easily throw away.
  6. Throw the clothes in the wash, or fold and put away.
  7. File the clothing receipts for a week or two till you're sure nothing needs to be returned or exchanged.

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That would be hard to manuver both sides of the plastic when you have a wash tag or clothing seperating it so that it sticks to the sticky tag.

You could simplify the process even more. File the receipt first! Then toss all the clothes into a pile, grab a waste basket and laundry basket and position them next to one another. Snip the tags off clothing while holding over wastebasket so the plastic and paper tags won't have a chance of escaping and then when done snipping toss into the laundry basket.

Being from Berkeley, we *recycle* the cardboardy parts of the tags and toss the rest. I like your use of the sticker to catch all those tiny bits!

Stupid question, but once you cut the tags, can you still return them?

duchess: Yes, you can still return them as long as you have the original receipt. Toss the receipt at your peril; returns without a receipt either get you store credit at the current price (almost always less than what you paid), or nothing.

My method is to clip everything clippable, tear off the rest and mash it all into a big ball. No careful preparation or process. I'm a "don't make me think" type of guy.

As for returns, buy from Costco. If you don't have a receipt, they can still pull up your purchase on their computer because they have a record of everything you've ever bought, even if you paid cash (that's the one plus of a membership store). Costco also has a very good return policy.

I would avoid doing the unpacking on a bed as clothing stores in NYC have a bed bug problem, some were traced to shipments from China. Remove new purchases and wash them away from mattresses and couches. Otherwise, a great method!

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