12 October 2006

Happy hydration hour

SJ (who isn't living up to the URL given the excellent hack) keeps the kid in fluids:

Happy hydration hour: I used to worry excessively about hydration with my oldest when she was throwing up or otherwise ill, and I hesitated to give her Pedialyte unless she was in really bad shape, so I used to give her water in martini or highball glasses. This only works if they are calm, non-throwers, and they need supervision if you're using real glass. I was more flexible with things like plastic margarita glasses. My daughter loved the novelty of drinking out of the normally-taboo funny-shaped grownup glasses and would finish the whole thing. And the pictures! It almost makes up for the puking.

Here's a recipe for homemade Pedialyte-type re-hydration solution, if you're interested.

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This is a HORRIBLE idea. What's next? Taking medicine through pretend cigarettes? Novelty glasses are fine, but putting the focus on distinct glasses designed for adult beverages is a bad move.

Okay, sorry if I offended anyone. Over here we also use wine/novelty glasses for orange juice or water. And I have been known to drink wine out of my glass measuring cup when the dishwasher's on.

I'm gonna run with that pretend cigarette idea, though. I have been having the hardest time getting the kids to take their Tylenol.

"Designed for adult beverages". WTF?

a) only adults know that
b) it's not a whiskey glass until it has whiskey in it

By your theory Tim, it's a bad move to serve milk in a champagne flute, but ok to serve up Grey Goose in a sipper cup...


I have done the same thing with my oldest (the youngest is too young).

Decorative glasses typically used for alcoholic beverages don't ring any alarms for me - gimmie a break Tim. It's called Parent Hacks for a reason - sometimes unconvential things and thing we haven't thought of just WORK.

Thanks for the responses, I am not "offended" nor am I some sort of prude. My point is that using liquor glasses may lead to kids thinking they can drink from mommy and daddy's glasses/beer bottles and etc. or that place with those shapes are for kids (like bars, taverns and etc).

If it works for you and solves a problem with hydration, then fine. As it happens, my kids drink a LOT of water already (which leads to other issues like having to pee all the time)

Perhaps I came off too strongly. For example, a Margarita glass with a decorative cactus could be a fun beverage cup. A martini glass seems to cross a line, since practically everywhere the kids would see that shape (martini glass with olive) will be on a bar or tavern or other adult related thing. (http://images.google.com/images?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=GGLD,GGLD:2005-09,GGLD:en&q=martini%20glass&sa=N&tab=wi)

And, noonething, I don't know where you are pulling your logic from that I think Grey Goose in a sippy cup is OK, if I knew that my post was going to be reviewed by attorneys I would have been more careful. Ha!

But, a little controversy never hurt anyone and it means more ad exposure for kid hacks. Click Click...
Carry on.

Well, I think it's a good idea. If you have a relationship with your kids and they know what alcohol is it's not going to make them alcoholics just cuz they drink some damn juice out of a cup..so what the heck! It beats trying to squirt it down their throats with a medicine syringe! (and no, I haven't had to do that!)

Click click carry on...I like your moxie, sir. Hee.

why would the kids be a bar or tavern? er...

my parents used to let me drink "white wine" , which was milk in a wine glass, on special occasions and i always really enjoed the grown up feeling...

however, now i am an alcholic and i blame them.

Actually, I know some attorneys who would fare better with their Grey Goose in a sipper cup - might not spill so much that way...

Lots of other cute character cups on the market. Why mess with adult servings?

That's not a bad idea, the Grey Goose is pretty strong and the sipper cup would prevent spillage after GG#3.

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