Halloween Fairy swaps candy for toys

Jackie Weissman of Rock Mama Films invites the Halloween Fairy to swap her son's candy for a new toy every year. Her son is thrilled with the trade, and the candy parade is over before it starts.

(In some families, the Halloween Fairy is also known as the Candy Fairy. No doubt she collaborates with the Tooth Fairy, who must deal with the, um, fallout of the holiday's decay-producing excess.)

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  1. Tony D. Clark says

    We’ve been doing the Halloween Fairy since my oldest daughter’s first Halloween, eight years ago, and it’s been awesome. We call it the Halloween Goblin. The kids pick out some of their favorite pieces of candy, then leave the rest on the fireplace for the Goblin to swap out for a gift. I make sure I go through and grab some of the good stuff before the rest goes away … Mmmm, Kit-Kats…

    I don’t remember where we heard about it, but we’re glad we did.

  2. Lynn S. says

    I wrote about the Halloween Fairy myself–click my name to read the article. Works like a charm, usually. This year the girls are getting matching handmade (not by me) little black cat pins that look just like their two real live little black kittens. :)

  3. karina says

    I did this last year and it worked great, and already bought a junior UNO game for my ds5 to trade for the candy he gets next week. He got a lot of candy last year, I let him choose a few pieces to distribute over the next 2-3 days and gave the rest away. I highly reccomend this! We call it the Witch Fairy and have told the kids that is why witches have such ugly teeth… too much candy, hehehe!

  4. Scott Domowicz says

    In our household she is know as the Switch Witch. More in line with the Halloween Spirit.