Go, Diego, Goes

Parent Hacks is now on the radar of PR folks and others with Stuff Parents Might Like To Buy. Which is fine, because the people getting in touch have generally done their homework and get the Parenthacker vibe. I turn away a fair amount of review requests, but decided to say "yes" when the Nick, Jr. DVD folks called about the latest Go, Diego, Go! DVD (plus, I managed to pick up some goodies for three lucky readers; more on that in a moment).

We're generally PBS-watchers, but Diego and his perky (and more famous) cousin Dora the Explorer make occasional appearances on the tube. I'm not a Dora fan (that grating voice) but I appreciate the show's content and problem-solving angle. So I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Go, Diego, Go! Wolf Pup Rescue. Action, decent music, animal education, problem solving, physical and verbal call-and-response, and an intro to Spanish…all in one DVD. Yow. And the kids…well, our TiVo's getting a well-deserved rest while Diego holds down the fort.

Onto the goodies: I've got free Diego DVDs for the first three readers to email me with the answer to this mysterious question (cue Jeopardy! theme):

What horrendous name did we choose for this blog before we ditched it in favor of 'Parent Hacks'?

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

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  1. Mike says

    We’ve been TiVoing Diego from Noggin–which is commercial free. It’s great if your cable company or satellite company has it.

  2. Steph. says

    Dang! I wish that I knew the answer to that question. My daughter LOVES Diego. I don’t mind it myself. The quality of it seems better than Dora to me and the stories are more interesting. You learn a little about animals each episode. It is our favorite!