Cell phone as baby monitor

We've talked before about using regular phones as baby monitors, but Jack and his partner used their cell phones:

My partner and I were vacationing at a B&B with our 1-year old daughter. When she fell asleep at 8PM, there was plenty of evening left for the adults, but since we were all sleeping in the same room, we didn't bring our baby monitor. Her mother came up with this great hack — our cell phones. We have free mobile-to-mobile calls, so no issue there. She put our daughter down, called me on my cell phone and left her phone near the pack-and-play. I put her call on speaker and muted my phone. Instant monitor, and we could sit out on the porch worry-free for a couple of hours.

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  1. Nico'sMama says

    Outstanding!! I would only recommend plugging in the cell phone left in the baby’s area to avoid disconnection, and make sure you’re not roaming! Fabulous work, Asha!

  2. mommyjenny says

    Great idea! Wow, you are certainly resourceful in a bind. I will try that one next time I forget my baby monitor because I inevidably do.

  3. indigobabs says

    used this hack today! my 3 year old daughter got ill on the ride home from seeing grandpa. when we got home, she was asleep, and i hated to wake her, knowing we had to do major clean-up once out of the car. so i called the house phone from my cell (free weekends), put the cell in the car, brough the baby inside for lunch and listened via speaker-phone. when he went down for his nap, AN HOUR LATER, she was just waking up. multi-tasking at it’s finest!

  4. bk says

    We worry about cell phones and adult health, I really would worry about exposing a baby to a cell phone for long periods of time

  5. indigobabs says

    When I have used this Hack, I do NOT place the phone in the car seat with my child. I put it in the front seat which gives you more then enough range to hear their cries.