Bellybutton match game gets underpants on straight

SJ’s self-dressing hack:

When we started potty training there was a lot of backwards underwear-wearing, because it’s hard to tell which way girls’ panties go of there is no tag or bow. Sometimes my daughter would get it wrong even if there was a tag and then complain about being uncomfortable because they fit wrong backwards, of course. So I started drawing "bellybuttons" on the fronts in a small "o" shape with a Sharpie and told her to match up the marker "bellybutton" with her real one. They never went on backwards after that.

Ah, the beloved Sharpie. This reminds me of the hack that helps kids get their shoes on the proper feet.

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  1. Kim says

    That is PURE genius. My 3 1/2 y.o. still has trouble if there isn’t a tag in the back. WOW – I am pulling out the sharpie now.

  2. says

    LMAO, I was totally going to say something about Tim too, but Suzy-Que…you beat me to the punch! That’s a great idea SJ, my 3 year old almost always has her undies on backwards. I’ll give it a try!