Book a “nap flight” for holiday travel

Halloween’s here, which means that the holiday travel season is around the corner. Here’s a travel tip (more “power of suggestion,” really) from raising4boys that may make your air travel a bit easier. More: Best of Parent Hacks: Thanksgiving

Ping pong ball as potty training prop


From Paul: A family friend’s son resisted potty training, so she put a ping-pong ball in the toilet bowl and had him aim at it. Aiming at the ball helped the little fella keep his concentration. Neat hey? Tags: Parenting, Potty training

Email for the underage: a follow-up

Sandy’s tips point to why you might want to get an email address for your kid: (I know you had an article on this already early on this year. Just an add-on.) We created an email address for our son when he was about 3-4 months old, so it has helped a lot with organizing […]

How to supervise your child’s online conduct

Now that I’ve fanned the flames of MySpace dread, here’s a fascinating list (passed along by Satch) of 11 tips for online parental supervision. We’ve discussed Internet filtering and online supervision before, but not as much as I’d expect, given your well-connectedness and Net savvy. Contrast this list with Dr. Parker’s post “Should we spy […]

We have three winners!

Congratulations to Carolina, Ashley and Megin, winners of Go, Diego Go! Wolf Pup Rescue DVDs! Thanks for playing along with my silly trivia contest. For the record, the working name for this site before my brother in-law Robin came up with "Parent Hacks" was "Hacking Baby." (The answer was here.) A terrible name which somehow […]

Go, Diego, Goes


Parent Hacks is now on the radar of PR folks and others with Stuff Parents Might Like To Buy. Which is fine, because the people getting in touch have generally done their homework and get the Parenthacker vibe. I turn away a fair amount of review requests, but decided to say "yes" when the Nick, […]