Turn a baby bathtub into a ball pit

Erica came up with an easy way to create a miniature version of the ball pits one finds in those horrendous, overstimulating indoor playgrounds:

Don't throw a perfectly good baby bath away once it is used (usually for only a couple of months), buy a bag of balls and turn it into a home-made ball pool.  Have you seen how expensive the ball pools are?  I saved about £25 I reckon.

[The ball pool pictured here is about $50 on Amazon (there was a fancier one listed for over $250!), whereas a set of 100 play balls costs about $20. Looks like you could do the same with inflatable baby pools, which are likely on clearance right now. — Ed.]

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  1. Amy says

    You can also do this with a pack ‘n’ play, and it keeps both the kid and the balls contained!