Trezr: It’s Digg for cheapskates like me

TrezrShopping used to be a lazy Saturday afternoon activity. My pre-kid free time was spent perusing the neighborhood shops for good deals, whether on clothes or furniture or groceries or whatever else. Once the kids arrived, though, my browsing days came to an abrupt end. I now shop in surgical strikes — get in, get the thing I need, get out. I'm willing to pay a little more if the store has ample parking, is close to my house, and has a decent changing table.

Or…if it has a decent website. Online shopping suits my parental shopping style just fine. So, I was pleased to get a heads-up about Trezr (that's "Treasure" Web 2.0-ified). Trezr is a new site that focuses the hive mind on uncovering bargains, finding coupon codes, and sharing money-saving tips. Users submit deals and vote on which deals are good enough to make it into the "Trezr chest" and onto the home page. The Toys and Games section is still empty, but the potential is there once there's some uptake (the site officially launches on Monday).

Other money-saving sites we've talked about in the past: and Freebie Finder.

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  1. cw says has been a good source for me. I always check it before buying online from Target, Children’s Place, Gap, etc (along with computer equipment). Just do a search for the store you are interested in and more often than not, you end up with a 10% off coupon or free shipping links.

  2. Michelle Bolton says

    My favorite site for online shopping is… It offers many coupons and discounted coupons… check it out….