SPREAD THE WORD: Send your used stuffed animals and toys to children in Iraq

Updated 7/08: Edmay's comrade has taken over her role, and is still accepting toy, clothing and supply donations. Send your donations to:

Michael R. Fellenz
FOB Marez

100 0595BI am speechless. I just got an email from Edmay Mayers, a member of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers who is currently stationed in Iraq. She read the post on where to donate stuffed animals, and offered her own suggestion:

100 0596CPlease, please, please – I know where you can give all the stuffed animals and toys away – I am presently stationed (deployed) in Iraq. The children here love the stuffed toys – I can hardly keep up with the cost of them – I am continuously ordering more and more from Oriental Trading Company and candy for the young ones too. If there is any way at all please have any and all sent to me at the address listed below and I will ensure that the children in Iraq receive all that is sent.

When I sent a followup note to be sure I had the proper address, here was her reply:

100 0598AThe mailing address is as follows:

Edmay Mayers
APO AE 09331

100 0598BThat is all there is — it will reach me and I will give them to our PSD teams who will be more than happy to give them to the children. Please see attached photo of some of the children here that were given candy and stuffed animals on the road. These are the poorest of the poor here in Iraq – down the back roads. They are precious, innocent little ones who are just caught up in all the mess – they are beautiful.

I Googled Edmay to find out more, and came upon this amazing article about her passion for Iraqi children, posted just days ago on Operation Iraqi Freedom: Official Website of Multi-National Force – Iraq.

As soon as I'm done with this post, I'm going to box up a bunch of toys and send them in tomorrow's mail. Edmay, thank you so much for writing, and for everything you're doing. Your granddaughter will indeed be proud.

Parenthackers, please spread the word! Wouldn't it be amazing if Edmay were able to distribute toys donated by people from all over the United States? Think of the good will such a simple act could create…in a place that needs all the good will it can get.


  1. Edmay Mayers says

    These little words don’t seem like enough but it is all I can offer for these children – Thank you –

    God bless each and every one of you.

  2. mark hammond says

    We are gonna get a big package together. Great for us to pass on our son’s toys to kid’s who can enjoy them.

    best of luck!


  3. Edmay Mayers says

    Amber, yes the address is a good one from anywhere in the world. It is a USA postal address – The APO, AE is Armed Forces Europe which is still considered the USA. All packages can be mailed Space Available Mail (SAM) which is the least expensive instead of Priority Mail. Thanks to all who are taking part in this little mission. God bless all./Edmay

  4. Adam says

    I just posted this on my blog (including trackback to here) as well.

    I think having your child help choose which animals stay and which ones make the trip overseas helps with the loss factor. Plus it teaches goodwill and generosity :-). “You have TONS of stuffed toys and they have none at all. Wouldn’t it feel great to share with them? Think about how happy they’ll be because YOU chose toys to send them.”

    Hoping you never have a lack of toys to give to the Iraqi children!

  5. Karen Rani says

    I blogged it for you this morning, Asha, and I’ll be boxing up a bunch with friends of mine from the neighbourhood! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. none says

    Any fellow Freecyclers out there ought to place the address on their home Freecycle.org site in the Wanted section.

  7. Lisa says

    wow, I will start a collection. This seems like a good way to ease my worried soul about this awful Iraq occupation. Thank you so much Edmay for doing it and Asha for posting about it.

  8. J. Pat says

    I love this idea! I’ll give it some pub on the radio in Omaha, NE this afternoon. Thanks for sharing the info.

  9. Edmay says

    Lisa q, yes, gently used clothes would also be great — school supplies and of course toys for them. I will continue to get the candy from http://www.orientaltrading.com. They cannot seem to get enough of the candy either.

    To all: Thank you once again. This is so wonderful and J. Pat pub on the radio in NE, oh, wow! God bless each and every one of you for all you are doing for these precious children.

  10. Debbie says

    Hi there, i have tons of stuffed willing to donate, where do i send them? email me back so i can send them off.

  11. Kimber says

    Edmay and Asha,
    I am Mothering magazine’s web editor, and have written an activism alert about this effort, which will post at http://www.mothering.com next week. It will be featured on our homepage Tuesday (and in the activism section before and after). Our site draws enormous traffic (11 million page views a month), and I truly hope this will generate an abundant response from our readers. Your compassion is inspiring and uplifting. PEACE!

  12. Izzy says

    I have a question…

    A few weeks ago, I ordered some stuff from Oriental trading and they accidentally sent me a dozen Christmas bears. I called to tell them and they said to donate them to children somewhere. The thing is, they’re Christmas bears wearing Santa hats. Would they be inappropriate for Muslim children???

  13. Debi-Jill says

    Edmay I am a member of a group that sends goodie boxes to our troops as well as adding extras for the children in the area. From that I have learned that a lot of the children love balls as well. Would you be interested in balls or are they just to much to handle?

    Also would you be interested in getting goodies for your unit. It is usually snacks and little things just to let the troops know that people at home are still thinking of them and Praying for them. I know you are busy but if you have time to email me I will be willing to explain more if you are interested.

  14. Edmay says

    Izzy, the Christmas bears will be fine – these children do not care as long as they have something to hold. Please send them. Thanks so much to everyone. /Edmay

  15. Jane says

    I’ve just posted a link to this blog on the iVillage (UK) board I contribute to, so hopefully you will be getting some parcels from the UK as well. My little boy is 6 months old, so probably won’t even notice if some of the TONNES of toys we’ve been given suddenly disappear.

    My husband (who incidentally is in the Royal Navy and has served in Iraq) also suggested that for Christmas, rather than buying our small son loads of toys that he frankly won’t appreciate, we ask our family members to donate to a child related charity.

    All the best with your efforts, it is an admirable endeavour.

  16. Umm Sami says

    Neat idea! I’m an American-Muslim and will try to get the word out among other Muslims. We’ll be sending out a package today as Eid is coming around Oct 22nd/23rd (Major Holiday in Islam–kids usually get money, candy, toys.)


  17. Ellery says

    I am so touched by Edmay’s beautiful heart and by the generosity of all who are giving. I plan on ‘finding new homes’ for many of my sons things to send along as well.
    I certainly don’t want to rain on the parade, but I do want to raise an issue for consideration. Westerners often give candy to kids they meet while travelling and unfortunately the kids’ teeth end up suffering. Often there is an overwhelming lack of the dental care that we are used to in our country and I’ve seen slideshows of the rotting teeth of the local kids in tourist areas of rural Mexico, Africa and Nepal compared to the much healthier teeth of kids in the areas where Westerners do not go (and hand out candy). If you are faced with a choice of making a child smile by sending something to hug versus candy, please consider choosing the hug. Thanks.

  18. Edmay says

    To all, once again Thank you — To Debi-Jill – yes everything will be appreciated by the children and by our troops — I tried to email you but it would not go though – I tried three times so am writing you here. Ellery you are correct regarding the teeth issue but these kids do not get the candy that often. It is rare to see the same children more than 2 or 3 times — there are many children but of course we do not want to hurt any of them in any way so just the toys will be great. Thanks again to all, truly appreciate the spreading the word and the packages. With deepest respect for all, Edmay

  19. Edmay says

    Received two more packages yesterday – special thanks to Suzanne from Cherry Hill and Sheila from Wauwatusa — thanks so much. The children will love each and every thing that has been sent. God bless you. /Edmay

  20. Edmay says

    Thanks to all — those who have your precious ones to make drawing and books, please be assured that I will make copies of them and forward them back to you. God bless all of you – this is so overwhelming and wonderful. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Edmay

  21. Lisa says

    I just found this website and I think this is a fabulous idea. I told my daughter about it and she wants to include her classmates in rounding up stuffed animals. Thank-you Edmay

  22. ashley says

    i think its great that y’all are doing this. my husband is in the army as well, we’re in germany right now, and he id deployed to iraq, but due to come home very very soon….

    we too have ordered stuff from oriental trading for the kids, and until you see their smiles you have no idea how appriciated this really is

    keep up the good work

  23. Lois says

    Wow, what a wonderful idea! I have been looking for a worthwhile cause to send gently used stuffed animals and was happy to stumble on this web site. I recently received the mailing boxes from the postal service and will be sending quite a few stuffed animals for the kids. I’d love to see their faces when you pass them out! Keep up the good work!

  24. Pam says

    I’m trying to use USPS/Clicknship to mail 3 boxes of stuffed animals to Edmay Mayers. For some reason their online form will not accept the address that was provided. Help, there are lots of goodies for the lovely children of Iraq waiting!

  25. Elizabeth says

    This is a wonderful idea. My daughter was very enthusastic about this project and we have put together 2 boxes of stuffed animals to go. Thank you so much for organizing this.

  26. Chrissy Codner says

    This is a great find, thank you, I have numerous stuffed animals from my childhood that are looking for a new home! They will be happy to be in the hands of those children of Iraq. Many boxes will be going out within the next few weeks and I will spread the word as well!

    God Bless and Keep up the Good Work!

  27. Michelle Bekel says

    Is this still a valid thing and is Edmay still there and if so for how much longer? I do not want to send a box and have no one to receive and pass out the toys. Thanks.


  28. Edmay says

    Hi to all. Yes, I am still in Iraq and still collecting what ever you wish to send. Thanks to all – God bless – /Edmay

  29. pia says

    i just read this article:


    and i must say i’m not sure how i feel about this. i want to help the victims of this war. but the best way to help them is for them to have peace. we started this mess, as americans. we cannot think that giving out some stuffed animals and school supplies, while kind and sweet a gesture, is going to truly help these children or their country in the long term or on a wide scale. what good is a stuffed bear (i know the children like toys, but they are so young, they don’t understand they are being deprived of so much more) so what good are bears and dolls when they don’t have enough to eat, when they don’t have basic needs? i think an education is most important, and i love that you, edmay, are trying to help by giving school supplies. i truly feel that is the only thing – education – that can help bring people out of poverty. but the link above disturbed me bc it referred to the previous schools scoffingly as being built from mud. now, that might not sound like a lot to many uninformed americans, but in many countries, in small villages, that is the norm for schools and houses alike. what is wrong with a mud school as long as the children are learning and able to blossom in a safe environment? i wish we were not imposing our own standards of progress, capitalism, and westernization on a culture that is much older than ours and has their own way of doing things. to me, it’s a shame that we all have to step in line with the western way of doing things. it all comes down to money – that’s why so many wonderful people join the army and are then dismayed when they realized there is no clear cut right and wrong – just a whole lot of grey and a bunch of sweet children to underscore the disgusting nature of war in the first place. we have created a situation that has basically turned into civil war. we don’t know much about these people, their beliefs and their long mistrust of each other. our being there only complicates the situation further. i worry for our soldiers, for their families, for the innocent iraqi civilians that continue to die. i feel it is best if we can empower them to help themselves instead of judging their way of life, ie, mud schools. the priority right now is peace and prosperity. please let me know where to send school supplies and what school supplies you need most. i would love to turn this into a nationwide campaign where schools all over iraq can benefit. please forgive me if i have offended anyone – i am just trying to make sense of this difficult situation. love and peace to all.

  30. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Pia: While your sentiments are totally valid, I prefer to keep the focus on the amazing and generous work Edmay is doing to bring joy to kids in Iraq. Politics aside: whether that joy lasts for a few minutes or for a lifetime, what matters is that it happens at all. Certainly stuffed animals won’t solve Iraq’s problems. But they will brighten the days of its children.

    Thank you for the suggestion of school supplies — Edmay watches this post for new comments, and will be in touch here.

  31. pia says

    yes, i definitely agree. i too want to focus on the great work edmay is doing – now that we are in this war. so, thank you for refocusing the discussion to her work.

    it is so hard sometimes to know how we can best help those in need – i feel so overwhelmed sometimes by the injustices of our world. i guess doing a little bit at a time is the only way to ease the suffering; there are no grand solutions…

    i will have my school gather supplies and donate toys and mail them to edmay. peace and love to all.

  32. Edmay says

    Pia I respect your views but am very happy that the focus is back on the little ones. Possibly I should not mention this but I am and if I am wrong someone please correct me. My heart was broken this morning when I read about the insurgents targeting the schools – they recently killed 5 school girls with their mortar attacks – they are hanging school teachers – it is horrific what the insurgents are doing and with that said and with tears in my eyes I once again thank everyone who so kindly gave or are giving to these little innocent children. Please keep the items coming – they did not ask for any of this war – if you would see the look on their parents faces when we have them here and I give toys to them for their children – it is incredible how happy we are making the adults too. I think I am just rambling now so I will stop – I just want to say thank you again over and over and over – this means so much – God bless each and everyone of you. /Edmay

  33. Edmay says

    See I knew I was rambling on — I forgot to mention yes, we accept stuffed toys, regular toys, clothes, shoes, candy and of course school supplies. Thanks again/Edmay

  34. stephanie says

    I think you are doing a wonderful job, I am sending my stuffed animals over to germany on a C-17 with my dad and he is going to send it through the APO so it doesn’t cost anything for me. My twin daughters were very excited but puzzled when I asked them to go through their toys and pick out the ones they would like to give to other little boys and girls who don’t have any toys. They are only 4 years old and they just couldn’t believe that other children didn’t have toys to play with. I hope my little bit helpsTake Care and God Bless you and your work.

  35. Edmay says

    Thanks for your kind words Stephanie – please give the little ones a big hug and kiss for me — thanks to all /Edmay

  36. Edmay says

    Hi again

    Asha I just got the word that my request for an additional extension has been granted/approved. So, this means that I will be here at least until 30 November 2007 – so please keep up the great work that you are doing with spreading the word. To all that have helped and sent so many articles to the little ones, thank you a million times over and please keep it going – God bless all/Edmay

  37. Megan says

    What a great cause. I have five large boxes filled with soft toys, hand made blankets and quilts, shoes and clothes all ready for love.

    I also have sewing and knitting items. Would they be of use there?

    thank you so much for the work you are doing. I mentioned you on my Podcast (materialmama.com) and will update my audience next week.


  38. Nicole Mogul says

    Two days before finding out about this effort, I discovered the book “Boxes for Katje” — about a girl from Indiana who sent boxes to a town in Holland after WWII. Any doubts about the impact this effort are bound to evaporate.

    I’ll be giving it as a gift any chance I have!

  39. Edmay says

    Hi to all,
    Wanted to give you an update on the toys, clothes, school supplies, candy, etc. As of today 3/6/07 we have recevied 423 boxes filled with love from the wonderful, caring, generous people in American (1 from Japan). I cannot thank you all enough. We had to order a conex for the boxes of toys and we now have our teams distributing the items and also the Army (82nd & 1/34th) doing the same – and we will probably have the Air Force taking some too. I am going to also check with the Romanian troops that serve with us – they probably would like some to distribute also. May God bless and keep each and everyone of you. All items sent will be used and given to the Iraqi people. /Edmay

  40. Suzan says

    I have previously sent several boxes of toys and am wondering whether girl’s winter clothing, including items like pink boots are appropriate in terms of weather and otherwise.
    Thanks again for all your amazing efforts.

  41. Suzan says

    I have previously sent several boxes of toys and am wondering whether girl’s winter clothing, including items like pink boots are appropriate in terms of weather and otherwise.
    Thanks again for all your amazing efforts.

  42. carmell says

    I’m heading up a send off of lots of toys that our little ones have outgrown here in Park City Utah. You completely ROCK Edmay! These will be mostly baby and toddler toys, I hope you have some wee ones to pass these onto- I have everyone meeting at the post office on Thursday the 22nd, so the goodies should arrive in a couple weeks after that. Keep up the amazing energy, tell all your friends and colleagues that we are thankful and proud!

  43. Edmay says

    Yes the little ones can use the wee little toys. The baby’s orphanage is from 1 day old to 6 years old. Yes, please send the pink boots, they will love them. To all once again I thank you. Asha, you are one amazing lady and I am so thankful to have “met” you. Bless you lady. If anyone needs to contact me please use my yahoo account – edmay1230@yahoo.com – instead of my work email address. The 1/34th are coming out this week to pick up boxes of toys with a 5 ton truck – see how wonderful you all are. They have offered to take me out with them but I know my Colonel will not allow me to be outside the wire as it is not “mission essential” for me to be there. So, the 1/34th are taking their PAO to take pictures and will share with me as I will share with you.
    One more thing, I have a new computer and have lost my listings of letters mailed prior to now so if you receive more than one letter just take it as a blessing and forgive me for not backing up my records. Bless all of you. /Edmay

  44. Edmay says

    Today is 11 April 07 and very dusty day here in Iraq but still very beautiful. I have just met with one of our Iraqi Engineers and he asked me about the orpans and orphanages – I told him that we are taking care of the three in Nasiriyah – he said he was speaking of Muthanna — he said there are many, many orphans there that need help. So I told him to get a list of items “needed” not especially “wants” but true needs to get this started. He said he would do that. I cannot do this without all of you so once again I am just here to thank you for what you have already done and to ask you to kindly keep “spreading the word” as we now need more. There are so many orphans here – incredible. God bless all of you – you have done so much already – I almost hate to ask for more but the key word here is ALMOST cuz I would do just about anything for these kids. Thanks and God bless/Edmay

  45. Donna Girard says

    Is this address still valid. My daughter is 9 years old and we have both been trying to find a worthy cause to donate her MANY stuffed animals to and this looks ideal!!!

  46. Edmay says

    Yes ma’am this is a good address Edmay P. Mayers, USACE-GRS, APO, AE 09331 please do send items we appreciate any and all. God bless you my friend, God bless you. /Edmay

  47. Edmay says

    Hi to all: While I try my best to send thank you letters to everyone who sends a box to us for the children – I do sometimes mess up and I think I did with this one. I do not have the proper address for the McGawn Family – and I may not be spelling that correctly either – they are from Hartford, CT. I send a letter in March and am just now having it returned to me as no such street – so I know I have made a mistake. Please contact me with your address at edmay1230@yahoo.com. Thanks so much to all. /Edmay

  48. M Dunstan says

    Dear Edmay,
    I am the Community-Based Curriculum Director at ANSER Charter School in Boise, Idaho. We are currently in the middle of a session titled “Diversity & Inclusivity”. I have over 10 modules involved in some type experience that will open up little lives to the diversity all around us and how we can be people of incusivity.

    One of my modules is “Friendship Dolls”. It is based off the the 1927 experience between American and Japanese school children exchanging dolls as a symbol of friendship and cultural awareness between two countries.

    I have 12 students who just about finished making some beautiful dolls, wrote a short story about their doll and now are ready to send them to Iraqi children.

    The contact I originally had no longer will be able to help us, so I went on-line to see what I could find and that is where I found you!

    Can we send these dolls to you> Would you have some children in mind for these dolls our students (10-12 year olds) made?

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Thank you for your time,

  49. J. Roberts says

    I’m a teacher and I’m out for the summer. My first job was to tackle my overstuffed attic. I came across 7 years worth of my daughter’s stuffed animals and hated to throw them away. I’m so thankful to have found this website and the story of Edmay! We kept packing them up hoping to find a worthy cause that would take them. Thank you so much for doing this for the children of Iraq! I’m contacting the post office today and will pack them off next week with the help of my daughter. What a great learning experience for her! I will definitely by passing on the informations to my friends and colleagues!

  50. Edmay says

    I am so sorry I have not written and answered any of the posts in a while. I have been on R&R and just recently returned – I now am wearing yet another hat at work so my workload has continued to increase. I am still trying my best to sort through everything that has been sent. Upon my return I had a connex overflowing with boxes of toys – but no one was delivering them. Well, now I have them moving again. Our Security teams have loaded up truckloads and the new Austrialian Army who has just rotated in has taken a great interest in them. They will be here this week sometime to load up their trucks. So for now yes please keep them coming — I am trying to find an organization to take this over for me cuz it looks like I may not extend this time and I probably will go home in December 07. I am so far behind in thank you letters that I do not think I can catch up – I hate to ask Colonel Johnston to sign so many at one time as it is my fault that I have not kept up with these letters AND he is getting ready for his Change of Command in July — yes, we are losing him which is very heartbreaking but we are going to gain a very good and well respected Colonel. At any rate if anyone knows of any organization that is willing to take this mission please advise. Operation Iraqi Children only take certain items and I would prefer to find an organization that would take all that we recieve and distribute to the children of Iraq. I am talking with the Aussies regarding this and they just might be interested as they love to see these children smile too. Thank you all for everything you have done – God bless each and everyone of you. With the deepest respect/Edmay

  51. sherry says

    Please contact about sending you my childrens new and gently used stuffdd animals? How about Barbies? Please send me an address with contact name, I will send what I can. thank you sherry a merkel

  52. wendy says

    I moved and found boxes of my stuffed animals. I cleaned them and would like to send them to you. Are you or others still giving them to the children? Is the address still valid??

  53. Sandy G. says

    I am an elementary school teacher on a military base in Germany. We are also out for the summer and one of my many projects is cleaning and reorganizing my parent’s house. They have lived in the same house for fourty years, raised 4 children of their own and (partially) raised 1 grandson (now 18 years old), and have accumulated an amazing amount of clutter. Both my parents & my nephew have difficulty parting with things, but I know that they will find it a great deal easier since the toys and clothes are going to such a good cause. Please do not worry about sending a thank you. The fact that you are doing this in addition to what I am sure is an already full work load is more than thanks enough. I can also personally reassure others who read this post that it is easy to mail to an APO address from any US post office (pack & ship stores usually can’t). It is not considered “international mail” and cost the exact same amount as when you send a box from state to state in the US. When I get back to Germany in August I will tackle my own storage unit and share this link with my fellow teachers. Thanks again for all you are doing! Sandy

  54. Vera says

    Thank you so much for your love of these children. I too am a teacher, and I am working on cleaning house as my summer project. My daughter has a plethora of toys that she (now a teen) no longer wishes to keep. What a wonderful opportunity for her to know that she is doing something great by donating her beloved items to Iraqi children! Please do keep us posted on the availability of this link to you, as I intend to involve my school classes in this project in the fall. I want to make sure that we can continue to get the collected items to you, or to your replacement once you return at the end of the year. May God bless you, I know that the children in Iraq will remember you always.

  55. mariko says

    hello, i was still wondering if you were accepting used stuffed animals??? and also what other type of toys??? i have sooo many stuffed animals and had no idea what to do with them until i read these posts. please let me know if you are still accepting them. thanks

  56. Jordan's Mom says

    How lucky I feel to have discovered this site! I’m boxing up my daughter’s dozens and dozens of unused stuffed animals and toys now. We are thrilled to know they will be helping other children halfway across the world to know that they are loved! Thank you for your work Edmay!

  57. Louise says

    Edmay, I just discovered your program online and am happy there is a place I can send my like-new stuffed animals. I am hoping that you are still accepting them and plan to send several boxes this week. Thank you for sharing your generous spirit.

  58. Edmay says

    Asha, I am posting this in two places – I hope that is okay with you. I will have Michael email you and introduce himself, etc. Thanks so much lady for all you have done – it is my hope that we meet someday in person. Bless you, Ash.

    Okay, Asha, here we go — I have been approached by a co-worker who has just extended for another year. He wants to take over this program here at GRS near Nasiriyah, Iraq. So, while I am in no way telling you not to send boxes to Donna because she was truly saving me – I am telling all that you can still send them to us here at LSA Adder, Iraq. If you would like to continue sending them here and helping these children in Nasiriyah please mail them to:
    Michael Fellenz
    APO AE 09331
    Natalie Sudman
    APO AE 09331

    They will keep you informed of all events as I use to. Thanks to all God bless each and every one of you for your generosity and good will – a very special thanks to Mr. Fellenz and Ms. Sudman for continuing this mission. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. /Edmay

  59. Sara says

    I am a high school senior, and I would like to start a toy drive at my school. My family is from the Iraq, and I have been greatly affected by the kids over there. I was wondering if it would be ok to send the toys to you, and if so, is there anything else that could be sent? Thanks.

  60. terri says

    Can someone please tell me if it is still okay to send stuffed animals to the above address? I just stumbled upon it and I have about 5 or 6 boxes to send! Any info would be so appreciated! Thanks! My email address is tmarie8300@aol.com.

  61. Violet says

    It’s now mid-October and a month since the last post on this site and I was wondering if they’re still accepting stuffed animals and other children’s items. Let us know. Thanks!

  62. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Yes they are, Violet. The mailing info is at the top of the page. Thank you so much.

  63. Jenna says

    Is it still possible to donate? My friends and I would love to collect stuffed animals to send before Christmas. Please write…my email is:

    thanks so much for your service and generousity!

  64. Eileen Wager says

    My 8-year-old and I just put together a huge box of stuffed animals for kids in Iraq. Are you still handing them out? If not, can you please give me an address of someone who can get them to the kids of Iraq?

  65. Kristi says

    I am wondering if they are still receiving donations? Also, are toys besides stuffed animals accepted? I would love for some of my childrens’ toys to make someone else happy. If they don’t accept them, does anyone know who I can donate these toys to? Thanks so much!

  66. suem says

    can i send beanie babies..i have lot that we don’t do anything with…would like them to go to kids,,, let me know if i can send them

  67. Kathryn says

    Hello – I have a lot of stuffed animals and school supplies to donate, can I still send them to these people?
    Michael Fellenz or Natalie Sudman
    APO AE 09331

    Thank you!!

  68. Jeannine says


    I just discovered this address and wondered if toys are still being accepted by Michael or Natalie?

    Thank you.

  69. MaryAnn Brady says

    Hi Michael,
    I hope you are still accepting packages I sent one to you for the children in Iraq, mostly stuffed animals; my grandchildren saved their pennies to buy the toys
    I sent the package on Dec 4th..
    forgot to enclose a note…grandchildren: Gavin 7, Carter 7, Madison 6, Josh 5 and Alex 5…God bless you

  70. Joyous says

    I really want to send some stuffed animals, but I’m not sure how current this post is. Is the contact info at the top still valid?

  71. Edmay says

    This post is current – today is 27 Dec 07 and yes please send your clothes, toys, school supplies, etc to either Mike Fellenz or Frank DeBoer – Natalie is not at GRS at at the present time. They are still collecting and distributing items to the children of Iraq. I thank God everyday that they took over this mission for the children. God bless each and every one of you for doing your part to help and make these children a little happier. /Edmay Mayers

  72. Madeline says

    I think this is so amazing. I have many stuffed animals from when I was younger that I really want to give to the kids. And i mean that i have A LOT. I’m worried about how much it costs to ship, and do I just pile them up in a box?

  73. Edmay says

    Madeline I too worry about the cost of shipping. I posted an article regarding the children and women of Iraq needing warm clothes – I posted this in 18 bathrooms at work – 9 women and 9 men and I have boxes upon boxes of items to ship – mostly coats and blankets. I also have a box of shoes, several boxes of clothes and more blankets and more coats coming. I don’t dare tell anyone that I cannot take what they have to give so I am sending a little at a time. That is the best I can do at this point. So believe me we don’t only appreciate everyone opening their hearts and giving items but we are thankful that they are willing and able to ship the items to us for the people of Iraq. God bless each and every one of you – you truly are amazing. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all. With the deepest respect, Edmay.

  74. Melonie says

    Hello I am wondering if other toys are accepted also, like dolls (not sure if they are okay or not). Thanks! I am also interested in knowing what the average postage is, I would love to hold a toy drive and postage fundraiser.

  75. Melonie says

    Hello, posting a second question. Can girls wear pants if we sent clothing? I also have tons of baby blankets..are those something that can be used?

  76. Edmay says

    Yes, the girls do wear pants – they will love whatever you send and believe me they will wear them and make great use of everything. Oh, my, yes, dolls are great – the only problem I had was when I was sorting thru all the boxes I had to remove the Barbie dolls that had no underwear and the baby dolls without underwear…. I tried making some with crocheting while I was still in Iraq but did not have time. I have set aside all those dolls until I do have time.

    To all, please send what you can – they love every bit of the “gently used” clothes and toys – thanks from the bottom of my heart. God bless each of you.

  77. Edmay says

    I am sorry I did not answer your question on postage. Send every thing SAM – Space Available Mail instead of Priorty Mail — it is less expensive to send it SAM.

    Bless you/Edmay

  78. T. Crow says

    I am a Platoon Sergeant currently station in Central Iraq. Myself and my Soldiers work closely with the Iraqi communities. I was wondering how to get donated stuffed animals. You would not believe what the stuffed animals mean to these kids. The excitement in their faces is just unbelievable. If anyone can help me out on this, it would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks for your time in advance!!!!

    Trayton A. Crow
    1/511th MP CO
    FOB Echo
    APO AE 09332


  79. Cindy says

    To Platoon Sargeant Crow can you please tell me what else you need for the children. Do they need clothes, pencils and stationary. Thanks!

  80. Edmay says

    To PSGT Crow – contact Asha at http://www.parenthacks.com and let her know that you are also in need of “gently” used toys, school supplies, clothes, etc. (whatever you need let her know) – and this wonderful lady will help you. She was amazing with getting my little program off the ground and running – as a matter of fact she named it “Spread The Word.” If anyone can help, it is Asha. God bless this wonderful, generous, kind-hearted lady. Go to her website and on that page there is a place to contact her. Do it, do it for the kids. You are a very special person – keep up the good work. I miss the children terribly. God bless you. /Edmay

  81. CECE CHAVEZ says


  82. Edmay says

    Items that should not be sent are Barbie dolls with no clothes on them; all Baby Dolls should have underwear on them too or a diaper. We never want to offend anyone and those would be offensive. Thanks for asking. All other toys are fine – they love the trucks, cars, dolls, balls, etc.

  83. Lisa says

    To PSGT Crow – my daughter has gone through her beloved stuffed animals and come away with 140 that are near-new and ready to be loved.

    We are sending them your way and hope they will bring joy to many…


  84. Wendy G. says

    I am a leader from Cub Pack 84 in NJ. I would like to offer a drive for slightly used stuffed animals. Are you still accepting?
    Is there a place that lists what else you could use? We are having a Blue & Gold dinner on Sunday, and I would like to distribute materials for this.

  85. Edmay says

    Yes they are still collecting items such as “gently” used toys, clothes, blankets, soccer balls, any sort of balls, shoes, school supplies – they can use anything. You can send them to GRS at this address USACE-GRS, APO AE 09331 – or send what you have to Sgt Crow – his address is in the comments. I know he would appreciate boxes of goodies for the kids. Oh, yes, they also like candy. Thanks/Edmay

  86. Debbie D. says

    This sounds t be a great humanity effirt. I am assuming it is still in progress based on the dates of the comments – but mailing the items is foreign to me. Can I send a medium sized box to Sgt Crow and he will get it in Iraq? Is this program still in progress?
    If it is – God Bless all of you! I am going to start packing items as soon as I am sure your are willing to receive them…….
    thank you

  87. Edmay says

    Yes collections and distributions are still on going. Please send your boxes either to Sgt Crow or to the USACE-GRS address. Thank you for you kindness and generosity. /Edmay

  88. Kelly says

    I am so happy to find a worthwhile place to send our stuffed animals. Thank you so much for doing this. I am getting a box ready to send out this week!


  89. Edmay says

    Thanks Kelly,

    Please send your box to Tonya Myrick, USACE-GRS, APO AE 09331 — Mike Fellenz will be leaving shortly and Tonya has agreed to take over the program (thank God). Thanks/Edmay

  90. Kristi says

    I am a military spouse – we’re in Germany right now and I’m preparing a box to send off… I was wondering about a need for baby items, however. I have a lot of baby clothes and toys that need to find a new home. Thanks!

  91. Beverlee says

    Where else in the world, with address provided, can I send used faded clothing? USA thrift stores will throw it in the trash even if it has no holes because they cannot sell it to Americans. Where in the world are people not so spoiled that they will go ahead and wear faded, stained kids clothes? I need physical addresses where I can send boxes for hand out, given away free donations to the poorest. All I am finding on the internet are charities who only take money or “like-new” reselable clothes.

  92. Edmay says

    The babies orphanage will take the baby items as they do need them. There are three orphanages in Nasiriyah, Iraq which is the nearest town to base. We have friends that take the items to the orphanage for us. Thanks for caring.

    Regarding soiled and faded clothes: We do give out “gently used” items but if they are too soiled or faded I don’t give them out – so if you want to send them Tonya will have to go thru them and see. I am pretty sure that they will be able to use them. Thank you for caring too.

    Bless all of you – I am still in the states so please send boxes to Ms. Tonya Myrick, USACE – GRS, APO, AE 09331. Thanks again/Edmay

  93. Dawn says

    I was wondering if you are still in need of stuffed
    I have 5 large bags of stuffed animals that have
    been touched maybe twice by my girls. They are
    now older and I have been trying to figure out
    something to do with them.
    Please let me know ASAP if possible!!!!

  94. Dawn says

    I was wondering if you are still in need of stuffed
    I have 5 large bags of stuffed animals that have
    been touched maybe twice by my girls. They are
    now older and I have been trying to figure out
    something to do with them.
    Please let me know ASAP if possible!!!!

  95. Edmay Mayers says

    Hi Dawn, yes please send them to Ms. Tonya Myrick, USACE-GRS, APO, AE 09331 and she will ensure the children receive them. Thank you for your kindness. God bless you. /Edmay

  96. Becky says

    Can anyone who has sent a large amount of stuffed animals to Iraq tell me which shipping service they used and how much it cost? I’m hoping to send two bags but I don’t know if I can afford it if the quotes that I’m receiving are correct. Thanks!

  97. Edmay Mayers says

    Becky, you have to use USPS which is the least expensive. Send it SAM which is Space Available Mail and is less expensive than Priority Mail. If the larger boxes are too much then send smaller ones at different times. It is costly to mail them. But all is so much appreciated by these children and their parents that it is worth the cost (if you can afford it). Thanks so much for all you are doing. God Bless/Edmay

  98. Tiffany says

    My daughter’s first grade class is gathering up toys to ship out in the next few weeks. I am “Room Mother” and am composing a letter for the parents so that they know what this is all about. Except for making sure that dolls have underclothes, is there anything that I should be careful about?

  99. Rachel says

    When can we send them till? I have a whole bunch of stuffed animals I would love to give away before I move out. From Beanie Babies to bigger stuffed animals like tigers and monkeys and bears.

  100. Edmay says

    Tiffany, that is the only thing I can think of right now except for any religious things, such as, praying bears. All others are fine and thank you so much for your generosity. If you want more information please google my name “edmay mayers” and several articles should come up that you could print to explain it. It is not just me in the articles which you might find interesting.

    Rachel, I am sure Tonya will be there for awhile longer and when she leaves someone else will take over the program. As long as USACE (the Corps of Engineers) are there, the program will continue. So, please continue to send your items to these precious little ones. Thanks so much for your kindness.

    God bless both of you. /Edmay

  101. Becky says

    To Platoon Sargeant Crow are you also still wanting stuffed animals for the children? My daughters already have several boxes ready to go, we were going to send a couple to you & a couple to Tonya. Please let me know. Thank you so much for your service to our country & to the children of Iraq!!!!

  102. EdmaMayers says

    Becky, please google Sgt Crow’s name – full name and see the great things he is doing in Diwaniyah – I was stationed there for a little while too. I don’t know that he checks on parenthacks.com – so please google him and you should be able to get a contact with him. Bless you, Edmay

  103. Stephanie says

    I sent several boxes to Sgt. Crow a month or so ago. I just wanted to let you know that the post office does not allow you to ship SAM (Space Available Mail) anymore. I did have to ship them Priority. It was expensive – about $75 for six small/medium boxes. I have one last large box to send but I’ve been saving up for postage.

  104. Edmay says

    I did not know the postal services changed to “priority” only mail for APO. That does ot seem right to me, Space Available was less expensive – wow. Thanks for sending to the good Sgt.

    I believe that Michael has left GRS and is now at GRN or GRD and I have been told that Tonya Myrick has taken over the project. I am in contact with Asha and I think she is going to post information on this. For the time being until Asha posts something different, please address to Tonya. Thanks to all and God bless all of you. /Edmay

  105. Janine says

    I’m a Co-Leader for a Troop of Brownie Girl Scouts in NY and we collected stuffed animals from our Troop to donate to children who are in need and I think this is a great thing you are doing. I plan on sending boxes Tonya by the end of the week. Thank you for doing a great job!

  106. Joe says

    Want to be sure this is the correct address to send the stuffed animals. Can someone please confirm?

    Tonya Myrick, USACE-GRS, APO AE 09331

  107. Amy says

    That is the address I’m sending some boxes to today so I hope it’s right!

    USPS now offers a flat rate Priority Mail APO/FPO box that costs $10.95 to ship to an APO/FPO address, no matter what the weight. You can order them from usps.com (min. of 10) and have them delivered to your house and the boxes and delivery are free.

  108. Amy says

    That is the address I’m sending some boxes to today so I hope it’s right!

    USPS now offers a flat rate Priority Mail APO/FPO box that costs $10.95 to ship to an APO/FPO address, no matter what the weight. You can order them from usps.com (min. of 10) and have them delivered to your house and the boxes and delivery are free.

  109. Amy says

    FYI – the flat rate APO/FPO boxes are $10.95 for up to 70 pounds to ship to any APO/FPO address. I crammed a 13 gallon trash bag worth of stuffed animals into 2 of these boxes.

  110. Michelle says

    I just packed up 3 boxes of stuffed animals to send tomorrow. Thanks for telling me about the usps having the boxes delivered. I gave some to my friend. Her children are older and she was just saying she needed to donate all their toys and stuffed animals. This is a great cause.

    We still send the boxes to Tonya, right?

  111. Michael Fellenz says

    I’d like to apologize to Asha and Edmay for falling off the map here. I’ve since left GRS and moved up to GRN. Thanks to Asha, Edmay, SGT Colson and Tonya things have continued to be distributed in GRS. However, we are in dire need of toys, soccer balls, clothing, stuffed animals and school suplies in the Mosul area. Please send any items that you can to the address that I’ve listed here. I’ll continue to send photos to anyone that asks. My current address is:

    Michael R. Fellenz
    APO – AE

    For those who would like to contact me directly, please send your e-mails to:


    Thanks to everyonewho has donated in the past and those that plan on donating.


  112. Edmay says

    Hi Mike,
    Great hearing from you. No one has kept me “up-to-date” with regards to GRS and the toy program. I am thrilled to hear from you. I have approximately 30 or so jackets for the kids. They are “Mardi Gras 2008″ but I don’t think they care because the jackets are all brand new. Now that I have your address I will package them up and send to you. Once again, great hearing from you, stay safe my friend, stay safe. /Edmay

  113. Mike says

    Thank you Edmay, as I said earlier, I sort of fell off the map here. It’s a different environment and I needed time to become adjusted here. We’d love the jackets, I’m sure they’ll fo to good use. Thanks…..

  114. Betsy says

    I just ordered the boxes! Looking forward to sending our animals your way! As far as school supplies go would “slightly used” items be acceptable?

  115. Julie says

    So happy to have found this site… I have a lot of barely used infant boy’s clothes… all very beautiful. Can I send them to along with the stuffed animals? Also a lot of baby blankets and toys…I have a lot to donate and would love to help out. I read here about getting shipping supplies through USPO and a flat-rate up to 75lbs… is this still going on?

  116. Edmay says

    I am sure they can use everything you send. Gently used is just fine. Thank you for your kindness.

  117. Mike Fellenz says

    I just started uploading pictures of my tour here in Iraq. I’ve tried uploading as many pictures of the toy collection and distribution as I could. More will be coming soon.

  118. Shari says

    This is great! I have several used stuffed animals that I have been saving from when my children were little, and would love to share them with others. I will send them to you right away. Thank you Edway for helping and caring about others!!!

  119. Sharon says

    Hi, I’m Natalie Sudman’s sister. She was collecting toys for a while on behalf of Edmay’s project. Natalie was wounded on Thanksgiving last year (2007) so she is back in the states, doing well, but she isn’t receiving toys at the base anymore. I’m collecting toys here in St. Paul to send there and she says to send toys addressed this way:
    Tonya Myrick – TOYS
    Building 511
    APO AE 09331
    Tonya is still there, and even if she leaves everyone knows who will take care of the toys, so this will keep working.

  120. laura says

    Is anyone still taking clothes or stuffed animals,toys?
    Do I send them all to the same place or different.
    I have michael r fellenz for stuffed animals and tonya myrick for toys?
    I have 4 bags of girls clothing sizes 6x to 12. coats, shoes, stuffed animals, boys clothes sizes 3-4t, let me know and i will send them out. Thanks laura

  121. Edmay says

    To all:

    It does not make any difference if you send the toys, clothes, school supplies, etc. to Michael or to Tonya – the children of Iraq will benefit. Michael and Tonya are located in two different areas of Iraq and both are more than willing to accept and have the items distributed throughtout Iraq for the children. Thank you all for being so wonderful and keeping this program going. The children are lovely and precious and do so appreciate your kindness. God bless each one of you/much love, Edmay Mayers, USACE, New Orleans, LA.

  122. Laura Hersey says

    I love this idea and it warms my heart to think of the many stuffed toys that have brought me joy over all the years since I was a kid, going to children who will also cherish and love having them. :D My concern is cost. I was lucky enough to have a box large enough donated to me to ship 100 stuffed toys, but the shipping will be approx. $200.00 which I can’t afford. Any ideas? Does anyone one know of a company or third party who will donate the cost of shipping? Please help so I too can help. Thank You!!! Laura

  123. Edmay says

    I don’t understand why the cost would be that high. I know it is costly but that is really unusually high. Did you have it checked with the Post Office? Another way to ship is to use the Expess Mail boxes – THE ONES THAT IS ONE PRICE – you can stuff them as fat as you possibly can and it costs one set price. This way you can send some now and some later. If you contact the post office all the boxes are free for express mail. Good luck and let us know. Thanks and bless you.

  124. Amy says

    Regarding shipping, go to usps.com and order the (free) package of 10 flat rate Priority Mail APO boxes. They will be delivered to your house. Granted, they are not very big, but you can stuff a lot into them, and the weight limit is 70 pounds per box and it costs $10.95 per box. I think $200 seems awfully expensive as well – I do know that it will most likely cost more if you use UPS or FedEx as opposed to the USPS.

    I also want to note that I got a very nice photo and note from Colonel Drolet thanking me for my donations.

  125. Michael Fellenz says

    Sharon, (Natalie’s sister) can you please have your sister send me an e-mail. I have been trying to reach her without success. I have some great photos of Natalie in the Toy Box when we worked together at GRS and would love to post them on my blog. I’d prefer to ask her prior to doing so….Thanks and god bless everyone for sending your items. I try and post pictures of all the toy and clothing distributions that occur between the GRS districts. New pictures are posted now…..

  126. Betsy says

    I’m heading to the post office to mail two boxes to Michael. I wanted to post a little tip for getting a few more animals in the flat rate boxes. I used a Space Bag. These are bags that you vacuum the air out of and they sort of “shrink”. I was able to get a lot more animals in the box using that than I would have otherwise. You can usually find those bags at Wal-Mart and Target (I had gotten mine at BJs). Once the bags are opened everything “fluffs” back up.

  127. Lori says

    Last update on address to send used stuffed animals was posted on 7/08 to
    Michael R. Fellenz
    FOB Marez
    Please confirm this is still a good address. Thanks, Lori

  128. Mike Fellenz says

    Lori, that address is still good and I receive boxes here regularly. I usually try and update my blog daily (although I don’t always seem to) and thank those families whose boxes I’ve received. Please check my blog for updates and feel free to browse the pictures I’ve uploaded.


  129. Mandy says

    With Christmas right around the corner, I am hoping to donate some of my daughters toys. I am stationed on a military base in Japan. We regularly send clothes to the military bases in Afghanistan, but I didn’t know we could send used toys to Iraq. I will definetly spread the word. My question is can we send the boxes by MPS, this is how we send our stuff to Afghanistan?

    Thanks in Advance,

  130. Takahide and Hsiao-hui says

    Dear Michael,

    After learning about this article from ParentHacks, both my husband and I were very excited about the brilliant idea to share gently used toys with kids in Iraq who are in needs. We gathered some of our daughter’s toys last night, and immediately sent out totally 4 boxes this afternoon to the above given updated address posted in July 08. Hope kids there can also share the happiness my daughter had from these toys. When my 2 year old daughter grows up some day, I am going to tell her about the story how she shared her happiness with other kids in Iraq ……

  131. ashley says

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with what everyone is doing for these children, my seven year old was also, and she and her fellow classmates are doing a stuffed animal drive, we want the items to be recieved around Christmas, how far in advance do we need to ship?? Also, the kids are including some Christmas cards for the troops, should we ship those seperately? Thanks, and God bless.

  132. Betsy says


    I mailed two boxes to you back in September. I had delivery confirmation on both of them but the only information that shows when I search them is that I mailed them. Do you recall if you received them? I know you received a lot but I just hoped they made it to you.

    North Carolina

  133. maureen mattsson says

    This is poated Dec13,2008
    I have new toys, books and clothes for children and some gift cards for the soldiers. Can we still send them to this address?

  134. Edmay Mayers says

    To all, thank you so much for continuing this great mission for these lovely children of Iraq. Asha, I can never thank you enough for all you did for the children and are continuing to do. God bless you always.

    I wanted to give y’all some information as I am not sure if anyone else is checking Asha’s webpage – they may be – I am just not sure. At any rate, Michael Fellenz’ webpage is as follows:

    He keeps it up-to-date and has interesting stories on it, pics of the children, etc. So if anyone wants to write to him please do so. He will answer any and all your questions.

    Of course, you can continue to send the toys, clothes, school supplies, etc. to both addresses listed on this post, to either Michael or to GRS.

    I will be returning to Iraq early in 2009. I will be going to Kirkuk and will supply my address as soon as everything is “written in stone” on my deployment. I am so excited about returning – I have prayed so hard for this deployment. I will keep all informed of when, etc.

    God bless each and every one of you wonderful people for helping take care of these beautiful, innocent children.

    With lots of love, hugs and kisses,

  135. Gen says

    Are any kind of toys o.k. I have some action figures and little tyke type toys I was going to try to donate somewhere, I would love to send them to the children of Iraq. Some play music, some are musical. Please let me know.

  136. Brooklyn says

    Is this still ocurring today? I noticed that the comments are from 2006…my sorority is extremely interested in helping out!

  137. Angela, PA says

    I have a ton of gently used stuffed animals to donate. Do you have the name and address of the current person to mail them to in Iraq? Thanks.

  138. Edmay Mayers says

    I am back!! If anyone is still interested and would like to send items to the Iraqi children in the North, please send to the following address:
    Edmay P. Mayers
    APO, AE 09359

    I will assure you, the children of iraq will be delighted with whatever you send.

    Thank you and God bless, Edmay

  139. Edmay Mayers says

    I am back in Iraq and would love to have boxes of toys, clothes, school supplies or whatever items sent to me again so I can get them distributed to the children of Kirkuk, Iraq in the North.

    My address is:

    Edmay Mayers
    FOB – Warrior – Kirkuk
    APO, AE 09359

    I will be here in Kirkuk for at least a year but hopefully two. Thanks and God bless. /Edmay

  140. Edmay Mayers says

    I am back in Iraq and would love to have boxes of toys, clothes, school supplies or whatever items sent to me again so I can get them distributed to the children of Kirkuk, Iraq in the North.

    My address is:

    Edmay Mayers
    FOB – Warrior – Kirkuk
    APO, AE 09359

    I will be here in Kirkuk for at least a year but hopefully two. Thanks and God bless. /Edmay

  141. Mary says

    I recently Googled “donate stuffed animals” and this is essentially all that came up. I have two huge Rubbermaid tubs packed full of Beanie Babies. I was going to look into giving them to the hospital, but most won’t take stuffed animals due to allergy issues. I have never shipped outside the US so I’m a little reluctant. Is the address ending in 09331 still correct? Are you still in need of stuffed animals? Any suggestions on shipping since I have never done it before? Thank you!

  142. Edmay Mayers says

    Hi Mary, I am late with checking on this post. I do apologize. If you still have the stuffed animals, please send them to:
    Edmay Mayers
    FOB – Warrior – Kirkuk
    APO, AE 09359

    You just have to pack them up as tightly as you can; fill out a custom form stating that it is a gift and mail it regular mail. There is no need in rushing it as sometimes planes come in and sometimes they do not. So while we do not receive mail on a daily basis, we will eventually receive the packages. The children of Kirkuk, Iraq will love them. Thank you so much. You can always reach me at edmay1230a@aol.com

  143. Maggie Pinque says

    It is YEARS after this orginal post. Is this still a good address? My kids will let go of some of their toys and stuffed animals if it is going to help these kids.

    Thank you in advance.

  144. Maureen says

    I cannot thank you enough for doing this. My family gained more than we gave.

    My son is autistic and autistic people struggle with empathizing with others. I hoped this project would be a good teaching moment.

    It took a lot of explaining, but he finally understood how wonderful it would be to send his toys to the children in Iraq.
    He now wants to go Kidziniraq (I think he thinks that’s the name of the country!).

    The posted pictures were a huge help in teaching him about helping others. He even helped me pack the box!

    If anyone is considering sending items, it’s cheap! US shipping rates apply, and the postal worker understood exactly what I was doing. The form I had to fill out took less than a minute.

    My son now wants to send pencils, crayons, markers, and paper so they can draw pictures. Oriental Trading Company has great packaged crafts and supplies at great prices.

    Bless you for showing me a different side to this complicated situation.

  145. Mariam says

    These posts are old, is this information still good? I’d like to take up a collection in my area and send some toys. Let me know. Thank you!

  146. Stephanie says

    Is this program still going on? Our women’s ministry would love to start collecting item’s to donate.

  147. Meghan says

    I have about two trash bags worth of stuffed animals that are in great condition. Just checking on any address changes since troops are constantly being moved/sent home/re-deployed etc


  148. Jeanie Ransom says

    It’s Sept 2009 and I have lots of like-new Beanie Babies and other stuffed animals to find good homes for. Can you tell me if the address for sending plush toys to Iraq is still the same? Thanks!

  149. Tina D says

    Does anybody know if this address is still good. I have some brand new stuffed animals I would like to send along. I will not check this site again, so place email me somebodysmom77@yahoo.com with a good address to send these too.

  150. beverly carter says

    Please let me know if you still need stuff animals? I would like to help, but before I do I need to knoww if you still need them? Thank you.

  151. Cheryl Heatherly says

    I LOVE the Oriental Trading Co.. I get one of their calendars with those off-the-wall ho-
    lidays. That’s the only way I remember things,
    such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries,
    etc…My fiance’ even gets a laugh out of it &
    I can’t even get a laugh out of him!!! ;^}

  152. trish_toomey says

    dear edmay, i am an american in germany,,,how can i donate toys, english books, stuffed animals and nice clothes to children in iraq

  153. Sylvia Watson says

    I to would also like to know if they are still accepting donations for stuffed animals. Please let me know!!

  154. Namrta Shah says

    Hello I am a parent in NJ and would love to help. Are you still collecting stuffed animals for kids in Iraq. I would love to do a collection at our Elementary school and send them to you. Please let me know if you are still collecting. Please reply at my email address.
    Namrta Shah

  155. dorothy says

    It is just after Thanksgiving 2010.
    Is there a more recent address to send toys, etc to Iraq than M Fellenz APO address?

  156. Stephanie Willard says

    hi namrta,

    did you get a reply, i have a huge box and would love to send it, but not sure if they are still collecting.
    stephanie willard

  157. Melissa says

    Is this still going on? I just stumbled upon this, and would love to participate if I knew the toys would still be appreciated and given to the children