Pimento jar as toddler drinking glass

Back in July (she says sheepishly, revealing the length of her queue…), AJ of Thingamababy pointed out the utility of a Kraft Pimento Spread jar as a toddler drinking glass. What he didn't reveal was whether he actually ate the Kraft Pimento Spread in order to get the jar.

Here are a few of the other ideas that appeared in the comments of a previous post on the topic: shotglasses, sake cups, demitasse cups, Avent bottle lids, medicine dosage cups…

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  1. AJ says

    I tasted the pimento. Y-U-C-K! My parents visited the next week and included several more full jars in a gift basket, just to lay on more guilt about throwing away food. Ooh, I just called that stuff food.

    The cute drinking glasses I mentioned in the article have since broken through my own clumsiness placing them into the dishwasher. The thick pimento jars are still going strong. I love them.

  2. Jill says

    Oh heck, I’ve bought wine just so I could use the bottle as a vase. Why not cheese spread for a glass? (My wine in the tall blue glass bottle, about $10 at Costco, turned out to be pretty good however.)

  3. SWN says

    I grew up with these glasses! I think my mom still has a few on her shelf. They’re 30+ years old and used for grandkids now.

    We ate the spread on celery and loved it as kids. Haven’t tried it as an adult…

  4. kat says

    When I was little ( a long, LONG time ago) we used jelly jars that were about the same shape as the pimento jars, and sometimes the jelly manufacturer would have the jars printed with popular cartoon characters to make them even more fun to use as glasses :)

  5. Elana says

    We used both shotglasses and demitasse cups.  LittleBoy felt very grown up not drinking out of sippy cups.

    As well, Ikea sells child tea sets and “drinking” glasses, which work well too.  The cups from the tea set have been dropped on our terazzo kitchen floor and just…bounced.  Love those things.  And kids see it as a treat to use.

  6. A.R. Linder says

    This tidbit brought back so very many memories. Those jars were used by everyone in my family. We used the mason jars and those Bama jelly jars the most.