Panasonic camera + phone = video baby monitor

Michelle at alerted me to the wonders of HotSpotMama, who keeps an eye out for blog-worthy kid gadgetry. This combo, in particular, appealed: the Panasonic 5.8 GHz FHSS Gigarange Expandable Digital Cordless Camera (whew), when coupled with a compatible Panasonic phone, works as a video baby monitor. Read her full review, and while you're at it, check out the rest of her blog.

(We've talked about using regular cordless phones as baby monitors before.)

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  1. Kaz says

    We have this phone system, and so far, I like it alot. I do not have the camera, but I liked the idea that, if we had another kid, we could use this.

    I haven’t headed over to read the review yet, but the nice part is, you can have multiple cameras as part of your “system” is you like.