Print your own photo calendar

Amy, author of the wonderful babies-and-digital-photography blog Shooting the Kids, wrote up her experience creating a free photo calendar with the help of FD's Flickr Toys. (Blogger trivia: "FD" is none other than John Watson, the blogger behind Flagrant Disregard.) Tags: Parenting, Photography

GoGo Kidz Travelmate on sale today only at

New woot!-like site for parents,, is offering the GoGo Kidz Travelmate on sale, today only. I saw this car seat cart in use in an airport once, and was fascinated (here's my review). A great time- and back-saver, and it works with a bunch of different car seat makes — not just Britax. Tags: […]

How do your kids address adults? Talk amongst yourselves.

David's quandary got me thinking about how children should address adults. My kids address the parents of their friends by their first names (because that's how the parents introduce themselves), but I insist that they use "Mr." and "Mrs." with elderly people and adults they don't know well. It gets us funny looks, but I […]

Amazon diaper deal on now

Stock up on $99-worth of Pampers or Luvs at Amazon by 9/30 and get a $30 Amazon gift certificate good for holiday shopping. Details at Amazon. [Via Want Not] Tags: Diapers, Parenting

Kids calling you by your first name? Talk amongst yourselves.

David's in an interesting quandary: I have 2 girls. 5 and 1, and their birthdays are both in November… so they'll be 6 and 2 this year. My 5 year-old is actually my step-daughter. She has always called me "Dave." I think you can see where I'm going with this. My youngest now refuses to […]

Digital cameras for kids


My kids are always begging to use our digital camera, and, for the most part, we let them. We recently replaced our camera for something smaller and faster, so the first, rather beat-up model has been designated the kid camera. The beauty of not having to wait for (or pay for) film developing…the instant gratification […]

Closed captioning helps TV-watchers learn to read

From Bret: My wife got an unsolicited tip from a random grandma in a store: When your kid is watching TV (no comment on that), you should turn on closed captioning.  Random Grandma said her grandchild showed up for kindergarten reading at a third grade level. Haven't tried it ourselves since our kid's just hit […]