Oatmeal bath soothes serious diaper rash

Sore bottoms, rejoice! Note Lisa's subtle use of puns:

This hack is for those babies with majorly red little bums from diaper rash. I was literally painting my baby's butt white with Desitin at each diaper change, but(t) it wasn't enough.

Our daycare provider advised me to take an old stocking, fill it with oatmeal, and put it in the bath with the babe. It softens the bathwater and–no s***–really does really help those sore bottoms. Just let the babe soak away in there for 20 minutes or so and the redness goes away.

The only downside is that my dog would not stop licking the baby afterwards. I think he tasted extra delicious.

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  1. Jill says

    I’ve found Desitin and other products with zinc oxide to be drying, and moisturizing is really what’s needed. The bath sounds great, but afterwards put on olive oil or A&D ointment next time.

  2. Sandy says

    Try baking soda in the bath water. It helps tremendously with healing as well.
    My son has chronic diarrhea which would lead to not just severe diaper rashes and skin tears, but yeast infections as well. I was unable to distinguish yeast infections from the rashes at first. Once I did, I found that Desitin did not always help. I found Aquaphor helped with both. Eventually I just used the Baking Soda in warm baths, and plain Vaseline to prevent rashes.

  3. none says

    I use a non-petrolum and non-zinc product called “baby bottom better”. It’s pricer the petrolum/zinc options, but I’m still on my first can and my son is 11 months now. Usually clears up redness after 1-2 applications. It also makes bottom cleanup a breeze.

    Petrolum and zinc products should not be used for yeast, btw. Yeast thrives in moist, warm spots (diapered bottoms are ideal breeding ground!). Both petolum and zinc promote moisture. Bottoms need to be kept dry to kill the spores. We used goldenrod powder (homeopathic) and works wonders. Check your local natural foods store for other options.

  4. Lauren says

    We tried just about every diaper cream on the market from Butt Paste to Desitin to Burt’s Bees on my son’s horrible diaper rash. None of them worked. Only lanolin cream (like Lansinoh, the stuff breastfeeding mothers use) worked for us, and it did it quickly and consistently.

  5. dan stark says

    Oatmeal baths are great for releiving poison ivy/oak flare ups as well. Oatmeal has a “colloidal” content which is a real wonder for many things!

  6. Dave H says

    Here’s what I do: Take equal parts oatmeal and cornstarch, and whiz them in a blender until you get a very fine powder. This is a great substitute for Aveeno and is somewhat cheaper.

  7. Andipants says

    I’m a big fan of Gerber’s diaper rash cream. It has as much zinc as the stuff my pharmacist was going to give me but it has oatmeal too.

  8. MamaDuck says

    I love putting it in a sock, no mess and so nice and smooth feeling. We also use A&D afterward, just making sure his behind is very dry first (hair dryer on cool or letting him run around nakee for a bit…) so as not to trap any moisture in there. Poor little things.

  9. tracy says

    Daiper rash cure…
    an elderly woman told a friend about this remedy in a pharmacy line.
    Take plain flour, dry ‘roast’ it in a saute pan [shaking the pan constantly, no need for utencils]on low-med heat until it turns a golden brown color and starts to smell ‘nutty’. let cool.

    sprinkle a generous amount on baby’s ‘areas’ and wait for it to do its magic. may take a few days, but it instantly seems to cool and soothe and decrease redness.
    I work at a childcare and we have seen some HORRIBLE [open bleeding sores even!!!!!] daiper area rashes, and it actually works.
    those “old wive’s tales” sometimes really do the trick!!!

  10. Mona says

    I’ve tried the diaper creams like Balmex and non-zinc products, but my saving grace has been a tube of bacitracin zinc ointment I bought for 1.97. It works every. single. time.

  11. Jen says

    We use the Aveno oatmeal bath powder when my daughter has a flareup. Also, in the morning and night, 1% hydrocortizone cream with the desitin or butt paste. Works miracles.

  12. Jim says

    Our son used to suffer from recurrent severe diaper rash (with open sores and yeast infections, as with other commentators). We also found that keeping his diaper area dry was the key. Our ped suggested that we stop using wet wipes, instead using tissue, with baby oil to help get poop off when needed. Not only did this change improve things massively, we’ve actually found that the tissue and oil combo is way more effective than wipes at cleaning him up.