Let your kid create a Pollock-like masterpiece

Stacey stumbled upon an artful diversion for her toddler:

my 2 year-old has been mr. water colors lately–so much so that we are running out of paper and paint. i directed him to www.jacksonpollock.org today and he loved it. (as did my 4 year old.) it was funny because when i tried it, all i got was black and white. jiro sat down and started clicking the mouse and hitting the keyboard and ended up with a multicolored masterpiece.

Reminds me of the scene in Olivia when she sees a Jackson Pollock painting in the museum and declares, "I could do that in about five minutes." Then, much to her mother's chagrin, she goes home and tries it on the wall.

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  1. Kimmer says

    I’ve never seen that site before, but it made me chortle and giggle like nothing else! Thanks for the new addiction! Oh, yeah, I might get around to showing it to my kids, too.

  2. KIRSTEN says

    yeah, seriously – *I* think it’s cool – my kids are gonna flip. great idea for the toddlers and preschoolers who aren’t quite ready for more advanced programs – very easy!

  3. Sally says

    My 3 year old has been playing on the computer for about a year now. He loves nick jr, noggin, disney, & sesame street. I recommend it for toddlers because they are easily navigated by him and also he loves the paint brush program on our computer.

  4. Ambrose says

    Can we please fix the spelling? It’s Pollock with an “o” not Pollack with an “a”!

    If your kid creates a masterpiece like those of legendary Hollywood actor/producer/director Sydney Pollack (Out Of Africa, Three Days Of The Condor, They Shoot Horses Don’t They), I would very much like to hear about it though.