Leapfrog Little Leaps Grow-With-Me Learning System

Lisa of L'il Duck Duck reviewed a new Leapfrog toy aimed at the infant-to-toddler set: Little Leaps Grow-With-Me Learning System. Looks to be a wireless button-and-joystick device kids can use to play DVD-based learning games on the TV. Babies get a simple 3-button interface, and the device flips around when they are ready to try more complex joystick-controlled games.

As electronic toys go, I'm a fan of Leapfrog products (my kids loved Baby Tad and the LeapStart Learning Table as babies, and are now enthusiastic Leapster and Leap Pad users). With the exception of the talking drum, which can get a bit, um, demanding, every Leapfrog toy we've bought has been a winner in terms of fun, longevity, and relative lack-of-annoyance.

My first impression is that Little Leaps looks like a fun way for a toddler and an older sibling to play together. My concern is that it's yet another device that glamorizes the TV. I don't doubt that the game content is well-produced — I just prefer simpler, less-specific (and therefore more flexible) toys for babies and toddlers. Granted, I've never seen the toy in action — I've only fiddled with the interactive demo on the Leapfrog site.

Any Little Leaps users with opinions to share?

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