Helping kids gain a sense of direction

Here’s how Amberlynn enlivens the routine drives home:

I’d like to share a game my mother and I used to play when I was young. It also turns an otherwise boring commute into a fun adventure:

When driving home with your kids, have them close their eyes until you’re in a place they may not recognize. Then, when they open their eyes, let them play co-pilot. You go left when they tell you and right when they tell you. The goal is for them to get you home. This helps kids learn the neighborhood, and develop a sense of direction that may stick with them for life.



  1. Allen Knutson says

    Is it known how innate this power is? My sister and I grew up 14 years apart in carless houses on numbered grids. At 4 years old she was obviously way way better than direction-challenged 18-year-old me.

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