18 September 2006

Helping kids gain a sense of direction

Here's how Amberlynn enlivens the routine drives home:

I'd like to share a game my mother and I used to play when I was young. It also turns an otherwise boring commute into a fun adventure:

When driving home with your kids, have them close their eyes until you're in a place they may not recognize. Then, when they open their eyes, let them play co-pilot. You go left when they tell you and right when they tell you. The goal is for them to get you home. This helps kids learn the neighborhood, and develop a sense of direction that may stick with them for life.



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I love this! I'm totally going to play when they get home from school today.

We played this except it used to be our sunday day out if my mum had no money - you wouldn't do it now with petrol prices and green issues!

Is it known how innate this power is? My sister and I grew up 14 years apart in carless houses on numbered grids. At 4 years old she was obviously way way better than direction-challenged 18-year-old me.

A few months back, I purchased some french board games that I used to play as a kid and it is now something I can share with my 8 year old.


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