Help stop discrimination against parents in the workplace

Cooper Munroe, of the Been There Clearinghouse, recently wrote an article for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shedding light on the practice of "maternal profiling." In Pennsylvania, and in dozens of other states, it's still legal to ask during job interviews if one is married or has children, and then to deny the candidate the job based on the answers.

Cooper is working with the good people at (creators of the Motherhood Manifesto) to let PA legislators this is unacceptable. Find out more, and sign the MomsRising petition to show your support (you don't have to live in Pennsylvania to sign).

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  1. Hilary says

    This is such an important issue. Unfortunately, the best way to enforce this is through EEOC cases. I filed one against a the company I used to work for pregnancy and new mother discrimination (they let men and non mothers telecommute, but pulled the preggos and new moms back in to show they were “toughening up” on that whole baby thing). I was fired for even complaining about it.

    The EEOC said I had a great case. A year ago. I wondeer when the investigation is going to happen? I stopeed calling. Not holding my breath here. Good thing I got another job.