Healthier chicken noodle soup

Shannon dresses up vegies and leftovers with chicken soup:

My children love Campbell’s soups, specifically the chicken variety: chicken noodle, chicken & rice, chicken & stars. But they are high in sodium and fairly low in nutritional value. I add a little extra water to the soup (to cut down on the sodium per serving), then beef it up [er, vegie it up — Ed.] by adding in frozen peas, carrots, corn, broccoli – even leftover chicken cut into tiny bits.  Just chop up last night’s leftovers, or throw in a handful of frozen veggies before you cook the soup. The kids don’t mind the "good stuff" when it’s soaked in Campbell’s chicken broth!

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  1. fuzzy says

    It’s awfully easy to make chicken soup from scratch. Make a big vat, freeze it in Tupperware containers, and you can skip most of that sodium (and other additives) altogether.

    My tip: Cook the noodles al dente, and don’t add the noodles until serving time. If you put them in, they get all soft and mushy and tasteless like the campbell’s noodles.

  2. steph says

    Homemade chicken soup is very easy, and you can do it the long way in the crock pot, or you can do it the quick & easy one pot method: sautee cubed chicken with carrots, celery, onion, garlic and a pinch of thyme, then add chicken broth (canned or bouillion – or your own), and after a few minutes add egg noodles. Take off the heat when the noodles are almost done (al dente) and then serve. You can do this in about 30 minutes, and it’s much chunkier and better for you and the kids.