30 September 2006

Frog Pod scoops up and stores tub toys

Our friends at Cool Mom Picks have discovered another winning bit of baby/toddler gear: the Frog Pod. The frog's back detaches to scoop up the bath toys, and then hangs back up to let the toys drip dry.

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We have this and it is quite ingenius and simple.

We have this...a complete waste of money. The adhesive won't stick to the tile in the bathroom. Useless.

We just bought this. It fell off the shower wall 2 days after I put it up. Also, it's huge but doesn't hold many toys. It's pretty much a big disappointment.

Oooh, I want one. Sorry to hear from Leslie and Zoe that it's not all that. Maybe I'll have to make up something hackier involving duct tape.

This has always looked like a fun tub gadget but the price has stopped me, seems overpriced...
Also It's recently been all over the place in magazines etc and now on this blog, seems like I first saw it about a year and a half ago. Weird that it's popping up all over NOW.
Well, probably won't get one, we have a bucket that seems to do the trick!
best of luck to those who get one!

We have one of these, and I really like it. The adhesive is a problem, however -- we replaced ours with superglue and that lasted longer, but it just fell off again.

You can screw it to the shower wall, but that seemed a bit excessive just to hold toys.

I like it for the obvious reasons, but also because I can take the pod down and Miss J. can put all of her toys away herself.

We have one and love it. We have had NO problems with the adhesive. (There was special instructions for cleaning and waiting 24 hours before putting any weight on it.) We have tried 3 or 4 other bathtub toy storage units and this was the only one that worked - all of the other with the suction cups would fall off continuously.

huge disappointment for us. we followed instructions yet it falls off immediately. we even talked to the Boon people who were nice but their replacement adhesives still didn't work.

Um - yah - the day after I posted above - ours fell off - wtf?! It has been up for months but BAM - down in came. I guess we'll try superglue or a glue gun...?

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