Digital cameras for kids

My kids are always begging to use our digital camera, and, for the most part, we let them. We recently replaced our camera for something smaller and faster, so the first, rather beat-up model has been designated the kid camera.

The beauty of not having to wait for (or pay for) film developing…the instant gratification that comes with seeing the pictures on the LCD screen…the ability to delete the many photos of the floor and walls…excellent.

AJ wrote a post about digital photography and the two year-old, in which he reviews various cameras he picked up via his local Freecycle mailing list. (Cool cameras, too — a Canon PowerShot A75 and a Nikon Coolpix 775!). Fisher-Price has also come out with "Kid Tough" digital cameras (pictured here in "girl" and "boy" versions, sigh) which are easier on little hands than regular cameras. But part of the thrill for my kids is using a real, grownup gadget, not a kid-ified version. [Edited to add: I spaced on AJ's review of the Kid Tough camera. — Ed.]

[I just realized that this is the second Fisher-Price product I've mentioned during the Fisher-Price ad run on the site. The timing is purely coincidental.]

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