Curious George’s PBS debut

PBS Kids has been kind enough to advertise on Parent Hacks, most recently to spread the word about the Labor Day debut of the new Curious George series. I've always loved the books, the movie was charming, and the music…well, the Jack Johnson soundtrack is often on auto-repeat in iTunes. SO, I had high hopes for the television show.

It was adorable, of course. My daughter's in the target demographic (ages 3-5), but despite the simple storylines, my almost seven year-old son loved it, too. The show is narrated by William H. Macy (a highlight, in my opinion) and features George getting into comic science-, math-, and engineering-related scraps. In the debut episode, the first half had him flying (and being flown by) a kite, and the second had him investigating the cause of some mysterious scratches on restaurant seats. Basic kid fare, nothing monumental, and the perky host during the interstitial was a bit grating. A minor complaint, though (and could just be a reflection of my impatience this morning; didn't sleep enough) — this is quality entertainment. I always appreciate TV that encourages kids to explore and ask questions. Find out when Curious George is on in your town.

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  1. KC says

    I didn’t like it. The “science” seemed forced and unnatural. And, would a rolling serving cart actually have two screws sticking OUT, grabbing every chair in the business, and the pusher never know? Nonsense!

  2. Nathaniel says

    I can’t get past the fact that he’s a monkey…with no tail. =P

    Other than that, my 4-yo and I loved it! We caught an episode where George was taught how to put zeros at the end of a number to make it higher, and got in trouble for making an order for 1 (dozen) doughnuts into an order for 100 (dozen)! It was cute. =D

  3. Melanie says

    We saw it, it was okay. It makes me a little sad how little he looks like the book, and the scary lady with the postcards in the beginning was, well, SCARY!! I hate those kids’ TV personalities nowadays – where are Mr. Rogers and Lavar Burton when you need them? My son liked it, though (he’s 4), and I didn’t hate it, so we may watch again.

  4. AmyS says

    Curious George was okay, my daughter liked it but that Miss Lori! How annoying can you get? I will blame it on the director and hope that it gets better but her fake TV announcer voice makes me want to scream! We’ll probably just stick with DragonTales and then off with the TV.

    And has anyone else noticed that the space between the shows seems to have lengthened — more “ads”.

  5. Rhonda says

    Oooh, that woman in between shows was SO AWFUL. Between the bad acting, the fake voice and smile, and the ridiculously babyish subject matter, I was ready to scream, myself. I hope she is not a new permanent feature of PBS. Bleah. That’s all my kids need, more smarmy fakeness.

  6. carol says

    I loved the show! My daughter and I sat together, and whenever George came onto the screen, she would giggle and shout “GEORGE”! I think it’s wonderful how this show tries to open the imaginations’ of children. I am definitely going to watch it again with my daughter.
    As for the annoying lady during the breaks, I just press mute on the remote. That’s a good time to ask your child what he or she learned from the episode.

  7. Patrick says

    I’ve been watching the new morning block on PBS with my son, too. My son thinks that the 3D hamster is great. The second that little guy broke the bird house, he went outside and broke our bird house. I explained to him that the message of the show seemed to be fixing things that you break, but he didn’t care. And man, because Hooper is just bonkers for dinosaurs, now my son is dino crazy. I swear every other word out of his mouth is dinosaur or apatosaurus. He just goes on and on about it. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and guess what! He wants a dinosaur. I tried to laugh it off as a joke, but the little guy just isn’t having it. It’s nice to know that no matter what I get him, it could be a Playstation 3 (not that I would by him a $500 toy) he’ll be dissapointed. Really disappointed! My wife and I have always tried to get him exactly what he asks Santa for, but last year it was a cowboy outfit. I am absolutely dreading the trip to the mall this year. I guess I’ll have to talk with Santa before the boy gets up there.